Job Adjustments

In the upcoming May version update of Final Fantasy XI, several job related adjustments and changes are planned. For Paladin, the Reprisal spell will be adjusted to deal back blocked damage equal to twice the user's HP, instead of half the user's HP as it currently does. The potency and bust penalty potency of a number of Corsair rolls will be implemented, as well as various changes to job traits associated with Blue Magic spells.

For more pet-related changes, the damage taken by Geomancer's Luopans will be decreased from 70% to 50% and, most notably, food that offers boosts to both players and their pets will finally be implemented!

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From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1203] Job Adjustments

Certain jobs are scheduled to undergo adjustments with the implementation of the May version update, along with the addition of certain food items that bestow effects upon both PCs and their pets.

  • Job Adjustments
    • Paladin
      The amount of blocked damage dealt back to enemies with Reprisal will be adjusted as follows.
      Half of one's maximum HP

      Twice one's maximum HP
    • Corsair
      The following phantom rolls will become more potent.
      Wizard's Roll / Warlock's Roll / Gallant's Roll / Ninja Roll / Puppet Roll
      * In accordance with this adjustment, the penalty for busting will also become more severe.
    • Blue Mage
      • The applicable job trait gained when setting a blue magic spell will display in the help text along with its accompanying value.
      • The following job traits will become incrementally more potent depending on the total of set blue magic job trait values displayed in the help text.

        Physical Attack Bonus / Defense Bonus / Evasion Bonus / Accuracy Bonus / Magic Atk. Bonus / Magic Def. Bonus / Conserve MP
    • Geomancer
      The amount of damage luopans take innately will be reduced from 70 percent to 50 percent.
  • Food items that bestow effects on both PCs and pets will be introduced.


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