Quality of Life Adjustments

 In an ongoing process to improve the gaming quality for players, Square Enix has announced a number of new changes to be introduced to Final Fantasy XI in the upcoming May version update. Among the changes planned will be a new NPC in Adoulin to exchange various weapons and armor, an alteration to zeni price resets with the NPC Sanraku, new logout and aspect ratio adjustments in the config menu, and new categories to be added to the auction house.

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From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1205] Quality of Life Improvements

  • A new NPC for trading in Adoulin Traditional and Records of Eminence weapons and armor will be introduced.
  • In the sub-quest Cosmic Elucidation, Sanraku in Aht Urhgan Whitegate will provide trigger items in exchange for the minimum amount of zeni whenever a server is restarted for reasons such as maintenance.
  • The following options will be added to the config menu on the title screen.
    • Logout Destination
      Enables the player to set whether he would like to return to the title screen or the character select screen upon logging out.
    • Background Aspect Ratio
      Enables the player to set the resolution of the title screen background.
      * These features are only available on the PlayStation2 and Windows versions of FINAL FANTASY XI.
  • The following categories will be separated in the auction house:
    • Alchemy: Alchemy / Alchemy 2
    • Misc: Misc. / Misc. 2


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