Easing of Mission and Quest Restrictions

 Tired of some of the long waits when it comes to mission or quest progression? Wishing that you could hop into Seekers of Adoulin mission battlefields without needing to find other players to help let you in? The June version update of Final Fantasy XI has you covered! The missions "Behind the Sluices", "Stonewalled", and "The Gates" will see the removal of needing a minimum of three people to participate in the fight, the quest "Sin Hunting" will now be able to be done regardless of time of day and moon phase, and various other missions and quests will have their wait times for progression reduced!

What quest were you stuck on that this will help ease up? Let us know all about it over on the ZAM forums!

From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1208] Easing of Mission and Quest Restrictions

  • Battlefields that occur as part of the following Seekers of Adoulin missions will have the minimum number of players required for participation decreased from three to one.
    Behind the Sluices / Stonewalled / The Gates
  • Quests and missions will undergo the following adjustments.
    • The applicable events in the quest “Sin Hunting” will be changed to occur regardless of Vana’diel time and phase of the moon.
    • The amount of Earth time that must pass to proceed with some quests and missions that require one full day or week of waiting will be decreased.


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