Quality of Life Adjustments

 In the June version update of Final Fantasy XI, several new changes are planned in order to improve the quality of life for players in various aspects of the gaming experience. Among the planned changes include the ability to display TP for party and alliance members, character coordinates being displayed near the in-game clock, visual display for HELM areas, new key items to allow ease of travel in Eldieme Necropolis and Halvung, monipulator instincts, and an adjustment to stack numbers for items.

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From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1213] Quality-of-Life Adjustments

  • It will be possible to have the TP of party and alliance members, as well as the MP of alliance members, display in the party window.
    A command will be implemented by which players can manually enable or disable the display of TP.
  • Characters' current coordinates will be displayed next to the clock.

A visual effect will display to indicate that players may mine, log, or harvest at certain gathering locations.

* This adjustment will not apply to locations in Adoulin areas, Mog Gardens, or instances as of the June version update.

A key item that allows players to open doors in the Eldieme Necropolis and Halvung by themselves will be introduced.Obtainment

  • Eldieme Necropolis
    Complete the quest offered by Churano-Shurano in Windurst Waters (North Side, F-8)

  • Halvung
    Trade a certain item to the ??? target in Halvung[1] (J-8)


  • It will be possible to sort monipulator instincts by cost.
  • In order to add stack numbers to items that currently do not display them, stack numbers will appear over items' icons.


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