Celestial Nights: Eyes on Me

It may come but once a year, but the story of Prince Yahiko and Princess Amdina is one that endures to this day, and the grand festival that honors the tale of these two lovers is quickly approaching. From Monday, June 23rd through Tuesday, July 8th, the three starting cities of Windurst, San d'Oria, and Bastok will be transformed into a stage for the telling of this timeless story. This is a tale that will touch the hearts of adventurers both old and new, so if you've never experienced it before, do yourself a favor and spend some time taking in these rousing Celestial Nights.

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From Playonline.com:

The seasons turn, and the time of Celestial Nights is upon us once more, kupo!

Yes, Celestial Nights – that time of year when one man and one woman are chosen to reenact the tale of the legendary ill-fated lovers, Prince Yahiko and Princess Amdina, kupo!

I hope you'll all be there to celebrate their love once again this year, kupo!

"I won't stand for it!"

...Who are you, kupo?

"It's me!"

Who is "me," kupo...? Oh! M-miss Loaranne!?

"Why!? Why is it that year after year, Prince Yahiko only has eyes for Princess Amdina!?"

M-miss Loaranne...

"This year...this year for sure, I will be victorious over Princess Amdina, I swear it! And to this end, I've devised a brilliant plan!"

J-just what are you planning to do, kupo!?

"You'll see – when all is said and done, I will be the one to play Princess Amdina next year!"

Miss Loaranne...so that's what you've been plotting all these years, kupo...

It looks like we'll need everyone's support during this year's Celestial Nights celebration more than ever before. I'm counting on you all, kupo!

Hear more about Loaranne's scheme to turn Prince Yahiko's head.


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