FFXI Ultimate Collection Available Steam Sale!

 Wanting to help a friend start Final Fantasy XI but don't want to track down all the various expansions? Wishing you could get back into the game with one complete package? You're in luck! During Steam's annual summer sale, the Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection Seekers Edition is available at 33% off the normal price! This collection features the core game, all five full expansions, the three add-on scenarios, as well as the three Abyssea add-on battle scenarios! So if this tickles your fancy, be sure to pick up the collection quickly, for this limited time offer ends on June 30th!

Planning to pick up the Ultimate Collection? Let us know about it over on the ZAM forums!

From Playonline.com:

The Steam Summer Sale is currently underway and we are happy to announce that the FINAL FANTASY XI: Ultimate Collection Seekers Edition is available for 33% off until June 30th!

Download the collection that includes the award-winning original game, all five expansions (Rise of the Zilart, Chains of Promathia, Treasures of Aht Urhgan, Wings of the Goddess, and Seekers of Adoulin), all three original add-on scenarios (A Crystalline Prophecy, A Moogle Kupo d'Etat, and A Shantotto Ascension), and the three Abyssean battle area add-ons (Vision of Abyssea, Heroes of Abyssea, and Scars of Abyssea).

With the myriad quality of life adjustments that have taken place in the recent version updates as well as the host of new content being implemented each month, this is the perfect opportunity to get back to adventuring or to invite your friends, so don?t miss out on this great deal!

Visit the official Steam FINAL FANTASY XI page here!


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