New High-Tier Mission Battlefields Will Be Added

 Ready yourselves for new challenges against familiar faces, for the July version update to Final Fantasy XI will include the arrival of two new high-tier mission battlefields, featuring the Shikaree Hunters X, Y, and Z, as well as the mastermind of the Crystal War itself, the Shadow Lord! These battles will prove to test your blades and your magic, and will reward those victorious with rare and valuable prizes, so prepare yourselves!

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From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1218] New High-Tier Mission Battlefields Will Be Added

  • New High-Tier Mission Battlefields
    • ★The Shadow Lord Battle

      Show the angst-ridden Shadow Lord that white is the new black once more!
    • ★Head Wind

      Teach Shikaree X, Y, and Z that there's more than one way to skin a cat!
  • Joining the Fray
    The key items required to participate in these battlefields can be acquired from the following NPCs in exchange for merit points.

    Trisvain in Northern San d'Oria (J-7)

    Raving Opossum in Port Bastok (J-11)

    Mimble-Pimble in Port Windurst (L-5)

    • Required key items

      Key Item Number of Merit Points Required
      Shadow Lord phantom gem 20
      Head Wind phantom gem 20
      * Players must be level 95 or greater and have cleared the original missions in order to receive these items.
  • Regarding Difficulty Levels
    Each mission battlefield is divided into five levels of difficulty. Boss strength, number and drop rate of spoils, and content level increase in line with difficulty.

    Difficulty Content Level
    Very Easy 113
    Easy 116
    Normal 119
    Difficult Greater than 119
    Very Difficult Greater than 119
    * Any player may select a difficulty level, but the battlefield's level will be determined by the first person to enter.
    * Players must have cleared the battlefield on normal to select either difficult or very difficult.
    * All party members must be in possession of the required key item to enter.
  • Mission battlefield, boss, and entry restrictions

    Mission Name Required Key Item Point of Entry Boss Entry Restrictions
    ★The Shadow Lord Battle Shadow Lord phantom gem Throne Room Shadow Lord All Levels
    Thirty Minutes
    Six-Person Party
    ★Head Wind Head Wind phantom gem Boneyard Gully Shikaree X
    Shikaree Y
    Shikaree Z
    All Levels
    Thirty Minutes
    Six-Person Party
  • Spoils
    Spoils are rewarded both for vanquishing the boss and clearing the battlefield, and include items needed for reforging artifact and relic armor in addition to equipment unique to each battlefield.


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