Announcing the August Version Update!

 Prepare yourself for new challenges and surprises, for the next major version update of Final Fantasy XI is slated for a mid-August release! A brand new zone, the Ra'Kaznar Inner Court, will open itself to brave adventurers seeking to chart the unknown. New job adjustments, job point categories, and battle content adjustments will also be made, appealing to those that take up the sword and spell on a daily basis!

For those seeking Trust Initiative adjustments, changes will be implemented to allow alter egos to be utilized in multiple ways, the addition of brand new alter egos, and a new list specifically for your Trust magic needs!

Excited for these upcoming changes? Share your thoughts over on the ZAM forums!

From Playonline.com:

Get your hard hats on, for the next version update is scheduled to slam into Vana'diel in Mid-August!

This hard hitter features the next exciting chapter in the Seekers of Adoulin main scenario; fresh-off-the-grill alluvion skirmishes; a further foray into the Serpentine Labyrinth with a new area, Ra'Kaznar Inner Court; a command to change multiple pieces of equipment at once; and a treasure trove of new content and changes!

The Trust Initiative will also get splashed with a bit of elbow grease, including a system to enjoy one alter ego in two different ways, a new list specifically for Trust magic, and the addition of new alter egos gained through quest-related cutscenes!

If that's not enough, dig deep into the action with job adjustments, new job point categories, and more battle content adjustments that you can shake Amchuchu's wrench at!

All this and more will be hitting the servers in a few short weeks!


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