Alluvion Skirmishes

 Bravery will be tested and might will be challenged in the upcoming August version update, with the brand new Alluvion Skirmishes system. Similar to the previous Skirmish system, the Alluvion Skirmish will pit adventurers against enemies in labyrinths that change the further one goes.

The risks are great, but rewards will be well worth it, as new weapons and shields will be amongst the spoils, capable of being etched with glyphs for further power!

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From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:


  • About Alluvion Skirmishes
    Alluvion skirmishes are a new type of battle content in which the fiends, bosses, and topographical features change from one labyrinth to the next. Intrepid explorers who meet certain conditions will be able to descend into ever more difficult levels of the skirmish. Rewards for vanquishing the enemy leaders including item level 119 weapons and shields that can be engraved with arcane glyptics.
  • How to Participate
    • Have installed and registered the Seekers of Adoulin expansion pack
    • Be of level 95 or greater.
    • Be in a party of between one and six players*.
    • The party leader must be in possession of a specific “eudaemon” key item.
      * Alter egos may be called forth in alluvion skirmishes.
  • Forging Into Alluvion Skirmishes
    Oston in Eastern Adoulin (G-8) is able to forge special statues known as “eudamons” using existing simulacra segments—visages, torsos, and legs—by combining them with another newly introduced type. These new segments can be obtained from normal skirmishes.
  • Entering the World of Alluvion Skirmishes
    Alluvion skirmishes utilize the same Augural Conveyors with which pioneers are already familiar. At launch, alluvion skirmishes will be available in Rala Waterways [U] and Cirdas Caverns [U], with more scheduled to be added in upcoming version updates.
  • Conquering Alluvion Skirmishes
    Entering an alluvion skirmish via an Augural Conveyor will transport the player’s party into this otherworldly realm, immediately after which the clock will start ticking down.

    Time limits for these skirmishes vary between fifteen and fifty-five minutes, and are determined by the rank of the torso used to construct the corresponding Eudaemon. The torso also affects how many floors you are able to attempt.

    Living Cairns situated by the entrance can be used to teleport players to other areas of the skirmish, after which conditions for spawning the skirmish’s overlord, such as vanquishing a certain number of enemies or a particular notorious monster, will be displayed.

    Vanquishing the leader will reward players with spoils such as item level 119 weapons and shields. Additionally, all party members will receive with a fenestral key temporary item*. Furthermore, the Living Cairn located in the vicinity will activate, enabling players to progress to further layers of the skirmish.

    * Using a fenestral key will spawn a personal treasure coffer, destroy all Living Cairns, and end the skirmish, giving players a change to roll lots.
  • Regarding Arcane Glyptics
    Divainy-Gamainy in Western Adoulin (J-10) can engrave weapons and shields earned in alluvion skirmishes with arcane glyptics in exchange for particular items and a fee of obsidian fragments.
    • Materials Required to Engrave Arcane Glyptics
      There are several types of such materials, each of which can be earned in Alluvion Skirmishes. Although the glyptics engraved by these mats vary in terms of attributes, different items beget particular results, making it possible for players to exert a certain degree of control over what attributes would like to receive.


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