Alter Ego Adjustments

 In the upcoming August version update of Final Fantasy XI, the Trust initiative system will be seeing several adjustments and additions. Four new alter egos, including major storyline characters such as Klara and Crystal War-era Excenmille, will be added, increasing the already impressive repertoire of Trust companions adventurers have access to.

 Several revisions will also be introduced, including adjustments to stat parameters for Excenmille and Curilla, increasing the number of battlefields that alter egos can be summoned in, and much more!

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From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1224] Alter Ego Adjustments

  • The following alter egos that are available via quests will be added.
  • Rainemard
  • Young Excenmille
  • Klara
  • Romaa Mihgo

You can check how to obtain these alter egos once the version update hits the servers.

* Although Excenmille and Young Excenmille differ in both appearance and actions, only one of them may be summoned at a time to prevent any potential time paradoxes.

  • The following alter egos will be adjusted.
  • Excenmille

Combat skills and “Store TP” effect increased

  • Curilla

Maximum MP increased

  • Alter egos will now be able to be called forth in the following mission battlefields.

Shades of Vengeance / Gaze of the Saboteur / Path of Darkness / Nashmeira’s Plea

  • The timing for summoning alter egos when participating in battlefields will be adjusted.

All mission and seal/crest battlefields for which alter egos are able to be summoned will now be unified to require that alter egos be called forth after entering the battlefield.

  • A category called “Trust” will be added to the action menu, thus separating it from the magic list.

  • A unique sound and visual effect will occur when calling forth alter egos instead of the existing ones.


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