Job Adjustments

 The September version update of Final Fantasy XI is fast approaching, and a number of job adjustments are scheduled for various jobs are slated to make an appearance! Brand new jug pets for Beastmaster, new combat buffs for Dragoon whenever its wyvern levels up, new spells for Blue Mage, a new ability for Dancer, and adjustments to Rune Fencer's Valiance are among just some of the changes planned!

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From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1229] Job Adjustments

  • Beastmaster
    Six new familiars summonable with Call Beast will be added.

    * The items required to summon these creatures will be sold by Theraisie, a new NPC located in Upper Jeuno (G-6).
  • Dragoon
    • As a wyvern’s level rises, the dragoon’s physical attack and defense will increase, and the player will also receive a haste effect.
      Physical attack and defense will increase by 4% for each wyvern level up to a cap of 20%, and the haste effect will increase by 2% per level up to a cap of 10%.
      * These benefits are only conferred while the player’s wyvern is active. If the wyvern falls in battle or is dismissed, the benefits are lost.

      Owing to this adjustment, the physical attack and defense bonus conferred by the Spirit Surge ability will be changed to 25%.
    • The Strafe job trait, originally obtainable via merit points, will now be earned by leveling up. The trait is first acquired at level 20, with the effect increasing in stages at levels 40, 60, and 80.

      Owing to this adjustment, the Merit Group 2 category “Strafe” will be renamed to “Strafe effect”
      Strafe effect: From Increase accuracy by 5 to Increase accuracy by 10.
    • The amount of time required for a breath to activate will be decreased from three seconds to one second.
  • Blue Mage
    • Blue mages will be capable of learning the following spells.
      • Restoral (Lv.99, Recast time: 10 sec.)
        Restores the caster’s HP.
      • Rail Cannon (Lv.99, Recast time: 180 sec.)
        Deals light damage to an enemy.
      • Diffusion Ray (Lv. 99, Recast time: 45 sec.)
        Deals light damage to enemies within a fan-shaped area originating from caster.
      • Sinker Drill (Lv.99 Recast time: 75 sec.)
        Delivers a fivefold attack. Damage varies with TP.
    • New spells only available under the effects of Unbridled Wisdom:
      • Uproot (Lv.99, Recast time: 30 sec.)
        Deals light damage to enemies within range. Also removes status ailments from caster.
      • Crashing Thunder (Lv.99, Recast time: 30 sec.)
        Deals lightning damage to enemies within range.
      • Polar Roar (Lv.99, Recast time: 30 sec.)
        Deals ice damage to enemies within range. Additional effect: Bind.
    • The job point category “Learning Chance” will be changed to “Physical Blue Magic Effect Accuracy.”
      Increases the accuracy of the additional effects of physical blue magic.
      * Any job points spent in Learning Chance will automatically be carried over into Physical Blue Magic Effect Accuracy.
  • Dancer
    • A new ability, Contradance, will be added.
      Contradance (Dancer Lv.50, Recast time: 5 minutes, Effect duration: 60 sec.)
      The next waltz used while under the effects of Contradance will restore an increased amount of HP. If Healing Waltz was used, the effect will extend to an area centered on the target player.
    • The maximum Step level will be increased.
      Player Level Step Level Maximum
      50 6
      60 7
      70 8
      80 9
      90 10
  • Rune Fencer
    Valiance’s area of effect will be increased.


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