Goblin Mystery Box Revamp

 In the upcoming September version update of Final Fantasy XI, several changes will be implemented for the Goblin Mystery Box system! An additional dial will be added for weapons, armor, and magic scrolls that can be opened once per day, with the remaining dials being altered to pull rewards from specific items. In addition, several Mystery Boxes will be added to various areas of Vana'diel, making it easier to find a local gobbie to collect rewards!

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From the official Final Fantasy Xi forums:

[dev1230] The Goblin Mystery Box Revamp

  • The Goblin Mystery Box will undergo the following additions and adjustments.
    • A new special dial containing weapons, armor, magic scrolls, and other fabulous items will be added.
    • Dials one through five will now cost ten tally each and provide specific categories of items.
    • Goblin Mystery Box Content Post-Additions and Adjustments
      Dial Daily Tally Rewards
      Dial 1 10 Materials
      Dial 2 10 Non-fish foodstuffs
      Dial 3 10 Medicine
      Dial 4 10 Sundries 1 (bait, fish, keys, hatchets, etc.)
      Dial 5 10 Sundries 2 (Ninja tools, Quick Draw cards, pet items, arrows, bullets, etc.)
      Special Dial 50 Various items including weapons, armor, and magic scrolls
      * The special dial may be selected once per day (Earth time), resetting at Japanese midnight.
    • The amount of daily tally you currently possess will be carried over after the version update. Additionally, the amount of tally received when trading rare items and the total number of points that may be stored will be increased.
    • Goblin Mystery Boxes will now be available in the following locations:
      • Mystrix in Southern San d’Oria (L-7)
      • Habitox in Port San d’Oria (I-10)
      • Bountibox in Bastok Mines (K-9)
      • Specilox in Bastok Markets (I-7)
      • Arbitrix in Windurst Walls (C-14)
      • Funtrox in Windurst Woods (G-7)
      • Priztrix in Upper Jeuno (I-10)
      • Sweepstox in Lower Jeuno (I-6)
      • Wondrix in Aht Urhgan Whitegate (F-11)
      • Rewardox in Western Adoulin (H-10)
      • Winrix in Eastern Adoulin (G-10)
        * The Goblin Mystery Boxes in Batallia Downs and Bhaflau Thickets will be removed.


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