• New battle content known as Incursion will be added.
    • What is Incursion?
      Incursion is difficult battle content in which Vana’diel’s most daring adventurers strike into the heart of the Velkk kingdom deep within Marjami Ravine. Vanquishing the fiends found within will reward the players with spoils, experience points, and capacity points. Fulfilling certain prerequisites and reattempting the battle will further increase the difficulty of the monsters appearing within, providing a level of challenge that surpasses even the most frightening of Delve content.
    • Requirements
      • Have installed and registered the Seekers of Adoulin expansion pack
      • Be of level 95 or above
      • Be in a party comprised of between three and eighteen players
      • All party/alliance members must be in possession of the Velkk Fetish key item.
    • Joining the Fray
      Challengers can test their mettle against the Velkk by examining the Weathered Canvas in Marjami Ravine (I-11) once all party and alliance members possess velkk fetishes. These fetishes can be procured from the corpses of Velkk skulking about the ravine.

      Monster HP within Incursion will increase proportionally for each player over six.
    • Tackling the Beasts
      Incursion battles have a forty-five minute time limit. Defeating the fiends within will reward the victors with experience, capacity points, and specially-named treasure coffers. Furthermore, besting NMs will also yield special key items.

    • Subjugating monsters within incursion will occasionally provide players with specially-named coffers. Opening one of these chests, which automatically appear in all party and alliance embers’ inventories, will yield materials, equipment, and other items.
      * At least one free inventory space is required to open these coffers, and different players may receive different items.
    • Key Items Earned from NMs
      Six notorious monsters exist within Incursion, and defeating them will yield special key items for each party and alliance members.

      Collecting a full set of six and trading them to Grrk-Frut the Charlatan in Marjami Ravine (I-11) will raise the difficulty counter on the party/alliance leader’s next Incursion by one. As the difficulty rises, capacity points gains and the likelihood of receiving specially-named coffers increase.
      Additionally, when a party/alliance leader enters an incursion with these key items, they are able to use Rusted Transmitters stationed within the Velkk’s lair. These transmitters can teleport the party/alliance between the entrances and the various NMs’ abodes.