Quality of Life Adjustments

 In the upcoming September version update of Final Fantasy XI, several new quality of life adjustments are slated to be implemented. New icons for Home Points and Survival Guides will now appear on maps, making it easy to track down their locations and know whether or not you've interacted with them before. A new option to rearrange the order of party members in your party list will also be added. Lastly, have you had a hard time trying to find just where you left a particular piece of equipment? A new /itemsearch command is to be added to alleviate that problem, listing all instances amongst your storage systems where a particular item is!

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From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1233] Quality of Life Improvements

The location of home points, telepoints, and survival guides will now be displayed on maps.

* Blinking icons indicate those with which you have not yet interacted.

  • When teleporting between home points or using the teleportation assistance function of survival guides, players will be able to check the exact location of their destination.
  • Players will be able to rearrange party members in the party list.
    Party member order may be changed by selecting “Rearrange” from the Party section of the main menu. Selecting this option will display party members’ main and support jobs to the left of their names.

    * Main and support job information will not display for alter egos.
  • A new command, /itemsearch, will be added.
    • /itemsearch
      This function allows players to search all storage systems for items that exactly match the text entered, with successful hits displayed in list format. Note that items which span multiple words must be enclosed in quotation marks (e.g. /itemsearch “Cizin Helm”) .


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