The September Version Update Has Descended

 The wait is over! The September version update of Final Fantasy XI has arrived! A host of new and updated content has been added, including new job adjustments for Beastmaster, Dragoon, Blue Mage, Dancer, and Rune Fencer, a number of quality of life adjustments to make your playing experience more enjoyable, new Walk of Echoes challenges for higher-geared individuals, and the introduction of the brand new Incursion battle system!

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From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:


  • A new quest has been added to areas introduced with Seekers of Adoulin.
  • The Goblin Mystery Box has undergone the following additions and adjustments.
    • A new special dial containing weapons, armor, magic scrolls, and other fabulous items has been added.
    • Dials one through five now cost ten tally each and provide specific categories of items.
    • Goblin Mystery Box Content Post-Additions and Adjustments
      Dial Daily Tally Rewards
      Dial 1 10 Materials
      Dial 2 10 Non-fish foodstuffs
      Dial 3 10 Medicine
      Dial 4 10 Sundries 1 (Ninja tools, Quick Draw cards, pet items, arrows, bullets, etc.)
      Dial 5 10 Sundries 2 (bait, fish, key, hatchets, etc.)
      Special Dial 50 Various items including weapons, armor, and magic scrolls
      * The special dial may be selected once per day (Earth time) and resets twenty-four hours after use.

    The locations of Goblin Mystery Boxes have been adjusted.

    Pre-adjustment   Post-adjustment
    Habitox in Port San d’Oria (I-10) Mystrix in Southern San d’Oria (L-7)
    Bountibox in Port Bastok (I-12) Habitox in Port San d’Oria (I-10)
    Arbitrix in Windurst Walls (C-14) Bountibox in Bastok Mines (K-9)
    Sweepstox in Batallia Downs (K-8) Specilox in Bastok Markets (I-7)
    Wondrix in Bhaflau Thickets (J-9) Arbitrix in Windurst Walls (C-14)
      Funtrox in Windurst Woods (G-7)
      Priztrix in Upper Jeuno (I-10)
      Sweepstox in Lower Jeuno (I-6)
      Wondrix in Aht Urhgan Whitegate (F-11)
      Rewardox in Western Adoulin (H-10)
      Winrix in Eastern Adoulin (G-10)
    • The amount of tally received when trading rare items and the maximum that may be received each day by trading rare items will be increased.
      The amount of daily tally player possessed pre-update have been carried over.
    • The locations of Goblin Mystery Boxes have been adjusted.
    • New objectives have been added to Records of Eminence.
    • Monster Rearing has undergone the following additions and adjustments.
      • A new monster family has been added.
      • The following items may now be fed to monsters.
        Lesser Chigoe / Rotten Meat
    • Conditions for progressing with the following missions and quests have been changed.
      Fit for a Prince
      Pre-adjustment: One Vana’diel day
      Post-adjustment: One Earth minute
      Easterly Winds / Vanishing Act / A Taste of Honey / Delivering the Goods / Missionary Man
      Pre-adjustment: One Earth day
      Post-adjustment: One Earth minute


  • New battle content known as Incursion has been added.
    • What is Incursion?
      Incursion is difficult battle content in which Vana’diel’s most daring adventurers strike into the heart of the Velkk kingdom deep within Marjami Ravine. Vanquishing the fiends found within will reward the players with spoils, experience points, and capacity points. Fulfilling certain prerequisites and reattempting the battle will further increase the difficulty of the monsters appearing within, providing a level of challenge that surpasses even the most frightening of Delve content.
    • Requirements
      • Have installed and registered the Seekers of Adoulin expansion pack
      • Be of level 95 or above
      • Be in a party comprised of between three and eighteen players
      • The party or alliance leader must be in possession of a Velkk Fetish key item.
    • Joining the Fray
      Challengers can test their mettle against the Velkk by examining the Weathered Canvas in Marjami Ravine (I-11) once all party and alliance members possess velkk fetishes. These fetishes can be procured from the corpses of Velkk skulking about the ravine.
      Monster HP within Incursion will increase proportionally for each player over six.
    • Tackling the Beasts
      Incursion battles have a forty-five minute time limit. Defeating the fiends within will reward the victors with experience, capacity points, and specially-named treasure coffers. Furthermore, besting NMs will also yield special key items.
    • Specially-named Treasure Coffers
      Subjugating monsters within incursion will occasionally provide players with specially-named coffers. Opening one of these chests, which automatically appear in all party and alliance members’ inventories, will yield materials, equipment, and other items.
      * At least one free inventory space is required to open these coffers, and different players may receive different items.
    • Key items obtained from NMs
      Six notorious monsters exist within Incursion, and defeating them will yield special key items for each party and alliance member.

      Collecting a full set of six and trading them to Grrk-Frut the Charlatan in Marjami Ravine (I-11) will raise the difficulty counter on the party/alliance leader’s next Incursion by one. As the difficulty rises, capacity points gains and the likelihood of receiving specially-named coffers increase.
      Additionally, when a party/alliance leader enters an incursion with these key items, they are able to use Rusted Transmitters stationed within the Velkk’s lair. These transmitters can teleport the party/alliance between the entrances and the various NMs’ abodes.
      *When an incursion is about to take place, the content level will be displayed in the chat log to all party/alliance members.
      *If the party/alliance leader goes on an incursion with a lower content level, no key items can be obtained from defeating NMs.
      *Content levels that were raised by Grrk-Frut the Charlatan in Marjami Ravine can be lowered by Veldeth in the area’s frontier station (L-7). The content level may not go lower than 123.
  • Surge Walks and Endowed Walks have been added to Walk of Echoes.
    • Surge Walks
      Surge walks are existing walks retooled for content level 119. Clearing these walks yields capacity points and higher level versions of existing Walk of Echoes equipment.
      • Participating in a Surge Walk
        Clearing an existing walk has a chance to cause that walk to enter surge mode.

        Players can interact with the newly placed Echo Disseminator located near the entrance to check whether or not a particular walk is in surge mode. Additionally, the content level is now displayed in the log window upon entering a walk that is in surge mode.

        As is the case with ordinary walks, players must possess a Kupofried's medallion to participate.
      • Ending a Surge Walk
        Clearing a surge version of a walk will reset it to its ordinary state. Furthermore, if a battle does not start within 50 minutes (Earth time) of the time the walk converted, it will revert to an ordinary walk.
    • Endowed Walks
      In an endowed walk, players currently participating in a battle and those that enter afterwards receive a staggering amount of temporary items in addition to a bonus to their post-victory evaluations.
      • Participating in an Endowed Walk
        Vanquishing monsters or striking at their leaders’ weak points has a chance of triggering an endowed walk.

        Players can interact with the newly placed Echo Disseminator located near the entrance to check whether or not a particular walk is endowed.
      • Ending an Endowed Walk
        An endowed walk will end either when the battle ends or when no more players remain inside.
    • Checking a Walk’s Status
      Players can interact with the Echo Disseminator located near the entrance to check whether or not a particular walk is endowed or in surge mode.

      A filled-in star (★) means that the walk is in surge mode or endowed, whereas a blank star (☆) means that it is not. The percentage value indicates the odds that the next walk will be of the type in question. Clearing a walk raises this percentage.
      The Echo Disseminator will also teleport players to the Veridical Confluxes of each appropriate walk and inform players of whether or not there is ongoing combat.
  • Capacity points can now be earned from the treasure coffers that appear after clearing the following battlefields requiring either microcosmic or macrocosmic orbs:
    • Macrocosmic Orb
      • Horlais Peak: ★Dismemberment Brigade
      • Waughroon Shrine: ★Grimshell Shocktroopers
      • Balga’s Dais: ★Divine Punishers
      • Sacrificial Chamber: ★Amphibian Assault / ★Jungle Boogymen
      • Throne Room: ★Kindred Spirits
      • Chamber of Oracles: ★Legion XI Comitatensis
      • Qu’Bia Arena: ★Demolition Squad / ★Brothers D’Aurphe
    • Microcosmic Orb
      • Horlais Peak: ★Tails of Woe
      • Waughroon Shrine: ★The Worm’s Turn
      • Balga’s Dais: ★Steamed Sprouts
      • Qu’Bia Arena: ★Factory Rejects
  • The following jobs have undergone adjustments.
    • Beastmaster
      • Six new familiars summonable with Call Beast have been added.
        Warlike Patrick Rhyming Shizuna Amiable Roche

        Brainy Waluis Hurler Percival Generous Arthur
        *The items required to summon these creatures will be sold by Theraisie, a new NPC located in Upper Jeuno (G-6).
    • Dragoon
      • As a wyvern’s level rises, the dragoon’s physical attack and defense will increase, and the player also receives a haste effect.
        Physical attack and defense has increased by 4% for each wyvern level up to a cap of 20%, and the haste effect has increased by 2% per level up to a cap of 10%.
        These benefits are only conferred while the player’s wyvern is active. If the wyvern falls in battle or is dismissed, the benefits are lost.

        Owing to this adjustment, the physical attack and defense bonus conferred by the Spirit Surge ability has been changed to 25%.
      • The Strafe job trait, originally obtainable via merit points, is now earned by leveling up. The trait is first acquired at level 20, with the effect increasing in stages at levels 40, 60, and 80.

        Owing to this adjustment, the Merit Group 2 category “Strafe” has been renamed to “Strafe Effect”
        • Name change: “Strafe” is now “Strafe Effect”
        • Strafe effect: From Increase accuracy by 5 to Increase accuracy by 10.
      • The amount of time required for a breath to activate has been decreased from three seconds to one second.
    • Blue Mage
      • Blue mages are now capable of learning the following spells:
        • Restoral (Lv.99, Recast time: 10 sec.)
          Restores the caster’s HP.
        • Rail Cannon (Lv.99, Recast time: 180 sec.)
          Deals light damage to an enemy.
        • Diffusion Ray (Lv. 99, Recast time: 45 sec.)
          Deals light damage to enemies within a fan-shaped area originating from caster.
        • Sinker Drill (Lv.99 Recast time: 75 sec.)
          Delivers a fivefold attack. Damage varies with TP.
      • New spells only available under the effects of Unbridled Wisdom:
        • Uproot (Lv.99, Recast time: 30 sec.)
          Deals light damage to enemies within range. Also removes status ailments from caster.
        • Crashing Thunder (Lv.99, Recast time: 30 sec.)
          Deals lightning damage to enemies within range.
        • Polar Roar (Lv.99, Recast time: 30 sec.)
          Deals ice damage to enemies within range. Additional effect: Bind.
      • The job point category “Learning Chance” has been changed to “Physical Blue Magic Effect Accuracy.”
        Any job points spent in Learning Chance will automatically be carried over into Physical Blue Magic Effect Accuracy.
    • Dancer
      • A new ability, Contradance, has been added.
        Contradance (Dancer Lv.50, Recast time: 5 minutes, Effect duration: 60 sec.)
        The next waltz used while under the effects of Contradance will restore an increased amount of HP. If Healing Waltz was used, the effect will extend to an area centered on the target player.
      • The maximum Step level has been increased.
        Player Level Step Level Maximum
        50 6
        60 7
        70 8
        80 9
        90 10
    • Rune Fencer
      • Valiance’s area of effect has been increased.
  • Alter egos have undergone the following adjustments.
    • Killer job trait effects are now applied.
    • Alter egos can be summoned during a reive regardless of enmity.
    • The following alter egos have been adjusted.
      • Naja
        Combat skills have been increased.
      • Mumor / Uka Totlihn
        Owing to the changes made for dancers, the maximum level for steps has been increased.
  • The following monster abilities have been adjusted:
    • Abyssic Buster
      The duration of the amnesia effect has been reduced.
    • Typhoean Rage
      This ability no longer removes players’ equipment.
    • Keraunos Quill
      This ability no longer causes encumbrance.
    • Raksha: Vengeance / Eradicator
      The effect duration of the weakened state has been reduced.
    • Ballistic Kick
      This ability no longer removes players’ equipment.The duration of the encumbrance effect has been reduced.
    • Besieger’s Bane
      The duration of the terror effect has been reduced.
    • Enthrall
      The duration of the charm effect has been reduced.
    • Hurricane Breath
      Attack power has been reduced.
  • The following adjustments have been made to Alluvion Skirmishes
    • A message will be displayed in the log window whenever and whenever a skirmish is finished.
    • The color of the message displayed in the log window when a boss monster appears has been changed.


  • New items have been added.
  • The icons of the following items have been changed.
    Snowslit Stone / Snowslit Stone +1 / Snowslit Stone +2 / Leafslit Stone / Leafslit Stone +1 / Leafslit Stone +2 / Snowtip Stone / Snowtip Stone +1 / Snowtip Stone +2 / Leaftip Stone / Leaftip Stone +1 / Leaftip Stone +2 / Snowdim Stone / Snowdim Stone +1 / Snowdim Stone +2 / Leafdim Stone / Leafdim Stone +1 / Leafdim Stone +2 / Snoworb Stone / Snoworb Stone +1 / Snoworb Stone +2 / Leaforb Stone / Leaforb Stone +1 / Leaforb Stone +2
  • The “Rare” attribute has been removed from the following items.
    Mauler's Mantle / Anchoret's Mantle / Mending Cape / Bane Cape / Ghostfyre Cape / Canny Cape / Weard Mantle / Niht Mantle / Pastoralist's Mantle / Rhapsode's Cape / Lutian Cape / Takaha Mantle / Yokaze Mantle / Updraft Mantle / Conveyance Cape / Cornflower Cape / Gunslinger's Cape / Dispersal Mantle / Toetapper Mantle / Bookworm's Cape / Lifestream Cape / Evasionist's Cape
  • The following items are now storable via the Porter Moogle.
    • The following items are now storable via the Porter Moogle.
      Morbol Cap / Cassie’s Cap


The location of home points, telepoints, and survival guides will now be displayed on maps.

* Blinking icons indicate those with which you have not yet interacted.

  • When teleporting between home points or using the teleportation assistance function of survival guides, players will be able to check the exact location of their destination.
  • Players will be able to rearrange party members in the party list.
    Party member order may be changed by selecting “Rearrange” from the Party section of the main menu. Selecting this option will display party members’ main and support jobs to the left of their names.

    * Main and support job information will not display for alter egos.
  • A new command, /itemsearch, will be added.
    • /itemsearch
      This function allows players to search all storage systems for items that exactly match the text entered, with successful hits displayed in list format. Note that items which span multiple words must be enclosed in quotation marks (e.g. /itemsearch “Cizin Helm”) .
  • Fellows summoned by the player and alter egos are no longer targets for the argument <stnpc>.
  • Meriri and Kuzah Hpirohpon of the Weavers’ Guild in Windurst Woods (F-12) now sell synthesis kits and synthesis materials, respectively.

Resolved Issues

  • The issue wherein the price for the last item listed when selecting "Sell" while conversing with Visala in Bastok Markets (H-8) would display a null item with a price of 0 gil.
  • The issue with Records of Eminence wherein fishing Tavnazian gobi, turnabaligi, or garpike would not count for the "Total Catches (Saltwater)" and "Total Catches (Freshwater)" objectives.
  • Various errors in NPC dialogue, item help text, and quest lists.
  • The issue with the currency menu wherein related currencies would be display apart from each other.
  • The issue with the currency menu wherein currencies would not display properly under certain conditions.
  • The issue with Mog Houses and Mog Gardens wherein executing a macro for changing equipment would cause the game to slow down.
  • The issue with the quests "Introduction to/Intermediate/Advanced Teamwork" wherein the NPCs marked on the minimap were incorrect.
  • The issue with alluvion skirmishes wherein examining a Noetic Ascension while under the effects of all temporary boons would display the selection "Have benefits bestowed upon you."
  • The issue with auction houses and shops wherein Phantom Roll dice that have already been acquired would not be displayed in green.
  • The issue with the quest search function wherein the NPC offering the quest "A Knight’s Test" would be displayed even if the conditions were not met.
  • The issue wherein selecting "Change Name" from the "Set Equipment Set" submenu would occasionally erroneously change the name to that of a different equipment set.
  • The issue wherein the names and actions of certain NPCs appearing in the opening scene taking place in Windurst Waters were incorrect.
  • The issue with Morimar Basalt Fields wherein a party leader examining a Veil while meeting the conditions for participating in Delve would erroneously fail to receive a log window notification about the content level.
  • The issue with alluvion skirmishes wherein players not talking to Lorissa would see her dialogue.
  • The issue wherein targeting an NPC or monster while designating a player name with the /pcmd add command would occasionally cause the target to be invited to the party.
  • The issue wherein the background music for Eastern Adoulin would no longer play after changing jobs in a Mog House.
  • The issue with the ranged weapon Doomsday wherein the sound effect playing upon attack was incorrect.
  • The issue wherein specific background music would be heard while logging out after setting the title screen background music to "random."
  • The issue wherein cancelling a party leader switch would close the party formation window.
  • The issue with Mog Gardens wherein fish of an unnatural size would occasionally be acquired for the lake of ocean.
  • The issue wherein the cursor color was incorrect while changing leaders or removing members from the main menu.
  • The issue with the quest "A Thirst for the Eons" wherein certain the names of certain NPCs appearing in cutscenes were incorrect.
  • The issue wherein the camera location was incorrect when warping to Home Point #1 in Windurst Woods.
  • The issue with the quest Granddaddy Dearest wherein the quest would occasionally progress without specific key items being expended.
  • The issue wherein the strength of alter ego weapon skills with elemental properties would decrease when the player was equipped with weapons and armor with item levels displayed.
  • The club "Sharur" obtainable from alluvion skirmishes has been renamed "Nehushtan."

Known Issues

  • Flotsam in Mog Gardens will occasionally not display the proper visual effects.
  • The cursor will not act properly when selecting “Rearrange” from the party menu and selecting an alliance member.
  • The HP restoration effect of the geomancer ability Mending Halation will not properly remove the sleep condition.
  • The visual effects of Lilisette’s special abilities will not display properly in The Wings of the Goddess missions Distorter of Time and Darkness Descends, nor in Heroine’s Holdfast
  • When organizing blue magic spells by family in the Set Spells blue magic submenu, Archaic family-spells will not display.
  • In Walk of Echoes, the Echo Disseminator will display incorrect information for the next walk if interacted with when the battle is over and no enemies are present.
  • Article information is incorrect for some monsters and targets appearing in Incursion.


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