Quality of Life Adjustments

 The upcoming October version update of Final Fantasy XI is rapidly approaching, and Square Enix has several changes in store to make quality of life for players all the better! A significant increase to equipment sets that can be registered, brand new map icons for specific locations, adjustments to interaction in Mog Gardens, arcane glyph removal of job specific capes, and the ability to store Skirmish-related augmenting stones are all planned!

Excited for these changes? Let us know all about it over on the ZAM forums!

From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1236]Quality of Life Improvements

  • The number of equipment sets able to be registered will be increased from twenty to one hundred.
  • The following icons will now be displayed on the map.


  • In Mog Gardens, tree pruning, weed removal, and excavation may now be attempted multiple times at once.
  • The job-specific capes obtainable from wildskeeper reives and incursion will be able to have their arcane glyptics removed by trading them to Makel-Pakel in the Celennia Memorial Library.
    * Trading these items to Makel-Pakel and having the arcane glyptics removed will enable the player to trade three of them as per usual
  • All stones currently obtainable via skirmishes will be able to be stored with Divainy-Gamainy in Western Adoulin (J-10).


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