Unity Concord

Following the rousing success of the Records of Eminence system, a brand new system is slated to arrive thanks to the dilligent efforts of the A.M.A.N. Rather than working as a free agent, adventurers can join new organizations known as Unities, each lead by a prominent figure in Vana'diel. With a myriad of new objectives and rewards, all in the name of furthering your Unity leader's cause, who will you sign up under? Will you join the efforts of the martial master Maat? Is Naja Salaheem's morning star too intimidating to leave you going elsewhere? The choice is yours!

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From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1237] Unity Concord

A New System, Unity Concord, Will Be Added

  • What is Unity Concord?
    Unity Concord is a new system devised and promulgated by the Adventurers’ Mutual Aid Network (A.M.A.N.) Pleased with the rousing success of the recently introduced Records of Eminence, A.M.A.N. has pledged to build upon their successes and take the next step toward bringing adventurers closer together.
  • Unities: New NPC-Run Factions

The main attractions of Unity Concord are organizations known as “Unities.” There are multiple Unities, each run by one of Vana’diel’s more popular personages. Players are able to select a Unity they would like to join to further that leader’s cause.


  • Participating in a Unity
    A.M.A.N. guides serve as intermediaries for welcoming willing adventurers into a Unity’s fold. Though a player may only belong to one Unity at a time, it is possible to switch partway. However, players are unable to change their Unity until at least twenty-four hours (Earth time) have passed after joining.
  • Unity Chat
    Chat channels unique to each Unity have been set up to foster communication between unity members, enabling them not only to meet up with each other easier, but also to help them make new friends.
  • Unity Objectives
    New Records of Eminence objectives will be added to help facilitate Unity activities. Some of these objectives are shared between Unities, while others are exclusive. There is also a third type of objective, called “Wanted” objectives, which task a player with vanquishing specific notorious monsters.
    • Wanted Battles
      Monsters vanquished during the course of Wanted battles provide the victors with equipment and other precious rewards. Participating in such battles comes at a cost, however—a currency known as Unity accolades.
  • Unity Accolades
    Accolades can be earned by completing Unity-based Records of Eminence objectives. A small amount can be earned from non-Unity objectives and defeating certain monsters. The accolades can be used in a variety of ways, from participating in the Wanted battles described above to purchasing items, enhancing equipment found in Wanted battles, teleporting to Wanted battle staging areas, and more.
  • Unity Rankings
    Unity rankings are tabulated and made public once per week (Earth time), with the order being decided based on how many points a unity’s members have earned that week. At higher rankings, equipment earned from Wanted battles increases in strength, so gather Unity members together and aim for even greater heights.

* Unity Concord is scheduled to have new systems and content added in subsequent version updates.


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