Empyrean Armor Reforging

 Tied of your old Empyrean armor collecting dust? Wishing that you could give it a useful boost to make some of it relevant again? You're in luck! In the upcoming March version update of Final Fantasy XI, a new battle content system will be added which rewards players with items to upgrade their Empyrean armor from Abyssea to item level 109 and 119 versions!

 In addition, Rune Fencer and Geomancer, missing Empyrean armor due to being released after Abyssea's completion, will be seeing equivalent armor sets being added in the same update as well!

Excited for these Empyrean additions? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!

From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1257] Empyrean Armor Reforging

  • Empyrean Armor Reforging
    The March update will allow Empyrean Armor to be reforged to item level 109 and then further to item level 119.

    Upgrading these items to item level 119 will require items only obtainable through new battle content added to the March version update.

    As with artifact and relic equipment upgrades, the items needed to upgrade Empyrean Armor differ based on the armor's current item level.
  • New armor for geomancers and rune fencers
    New Empyrean-equivalent armor for geomancers and rune fencers will be added.
    These new armor sets can be obtained through new quests for the applicable jobs.

    As with empyrean armor, these new sets can be further enhanced with items earned through the new battle content.


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