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Tonight, after 150 days and 21 hours of playtime spread out over almost 3 1/2 years, I finally finally hit level 75 White Mage on Pikko. I realize that many people ding 75 every day and that another one shouldn't be all that big of a deal, but those that have known me the longest can appreciate what an accomplishment this is for me. My party tonight:

I first started my white mage with my husband and a bunch of real life friends in November 2003. We leveled up together slowly but surely, changing around different people in our static and having fun while leveling. My various statics included people such as Pokko, Mariachi, Manduinn, Syx, Opeth, Xellos, and Ekimus. I believe all but one are long departed from Vana'diel.

In 2004, when I gave birth to my daughter, my husband quit and I went on a long break. I think I was level 64 or 65 and exping took a lot more effort. I joined an HNMLS named VisVires and that took up quite a bit of time, especially since it was more fun to just fish and chat than to exp. People started to joke about my slow leveling on a regular basis. That time of my life in Vana'diel eventually came to an end and I found myself expecting another little taru. I started to think that I'd never see level 70, much less level 75.

In 2006, I was approached by someone on the Garuda server board after I posted looking for a linkshell. His name was Thayos and he invited me to his linkshell Imperial. They were more than welcoming to me and of course, this is where I made friends with my awesomest of the awesome CoP static including Thayos, Dragel, Jetamio, Gravatusmiasma, and Zarovich. I also need to send out thanks to Gluvan, who acted as my "bodyguard" in Gustav and helped to get me my second testimony.

Tonight it was with the help of Thayos again that I attained level 75. I'm so glad I met you, Thay. You're truly one of the most kind-hearted, helpful, and decent players I've ever met in my seven years of playing MMOs. My thanks to all the friends I've made along the way who supported me. I know this is starting to sound silly, like I'm dying or retiring or something, but I really never did think I'd ever get to this point and I'm just really really happy. Wheeee!!


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Congratulations! :)
From Dani
# Mar 19 2007 at 5:34 PM Rating: Good

And here I thought I'd never make front page on Alla!

It's been a true honor, Pikko :D Glad to see you finally among our ranks.
congrats :D
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Wow, Pikko! Congrats! :D
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I have been playing 4 about 4 years so i know how you feel i have just finally hit 71 ^^;; so congrats ^-^
Pikko TarOO Power!!!!!
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Gratz to you Pikko!!! Yay!!!!

My WHM is still at 60 and I plan it to be my second job to 75 after BST. I'm always BST as main job at heart as it was such a great journey. But I love the busy life of a WHM in EXP party. Way to go Pikko.... that's a great acclompishment. :)
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Congrats pikko! You are a truly great whitemage and I thank you for healing my DRK *** in Mire the other night D:

It's ok
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It's fine that it takes that long to get 75, Pikko. It shows you have a life!
Unlike this BRD on Quetzalcoatl named Raavik, he's been playing about a month and a half straight and is a level 69BRD/20WHM. xD
Oh, and he subs BRD on his WHM. Plus he buys gil, since he started less than two months ago, and he owns a Royal Cloak.
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Yay Pikko! No worries about the time it took. It's the journey, not the destination hehe.
Congrats Pikko ^^
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Congratulations Pikko, a job-aru well don-aru

I hope to obtain 75 here pretty soon on Tira, I've been slowly leveling both my characters over the past 3 years now.

I'm really glad you found a linkshell of people to help you too, because it's not everyday you find people willing to put that much effort to help a person.
God job!
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Congratulations Pikko! I bet your overjoyed to finally hit 75 eh? Do you plan on earning merit points or doing something else? Anyways congrats again! =D
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Congratulations Pikko!
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As some others, I started in the summer of that same year, and I'm only a 74 DRG, lol! I'll be getting there soon though >.<
Grats on it though, and safe meriting!

(btw, love your site)
# Mar 19 2007 at 11:40 AM Rating: Good
Grats, any 75 I think is special even if you have a few already, Ill never forget where I hit 75 on pld and blm near the same spot both in Mount Zhyloom or w/e the spelling is. Anyways just wanted to say grats !!
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Congratulations! It took me three years to level to 75 as well.

Pikko casts Reraise III.
congrataru PIKKO!!!
# Mar 19 2007 at 11:19 AM Rating: Good
congrataru PIKKO!!!
Pikko joins the WHM 75 CLUB WOOT!!!
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Congratulations on achieving 75 WHM. I know it took a while but you did it. Welcome to the WHM-hood of 75.
# Mar 19 2007 at 11:14 AM Rating: Good
Conrats Pikko I can definately understand how big of an accomplisment this is for as like you I have been playing for about 2 years when I have the time and atm stand at lvl 68
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Thats quite a story I for one have 16 characters and I plan to level all 18 Jobs on all 16 to Level 75 witch would take forever to some but if I live to be 1000 then I've done My thing for real, I too will achive Level 75 and I bet I'll take like another 2 years, so once again Congratulations on Your long overdue leveling to 75 Pikko and good luck Merriting.

Remora Server

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for some reason these days I allways just assume everyone who plays has multiple jobs at 75 and has been working on merits for a couple years lol...

suffice it to say... when I do cap merits some day.. Ill most likely use it as an excuse to party for a week straight.. lol

Congrats on 75 Pikko!
good job :D
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Congrats Pikko, and thanks for all the effort and great information you've provided along the way!
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ConGalkalations, Pikku and thanks for all the hard work over the years. Welcome to the ranks for 75 White Mages!
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I've been playing since the NA release but because of my work schedule, I don't get to play all the time or for long hours so when I just made lvl 70 I was happy. But, as a few have said, I thought you were already 75. I will get there soon (probably 2 years from now).
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This was in reference to Pikko's announcement to getting lvl 75 and I don't know how this got to this spot. Sorry.
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Congratulations, and about time!

I love Pikko SOOOOOOOOO much!
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