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I think I saged around my 30th post. I assume that's good. Shame I won't hit guru before 100 because I started speaking my mind about the game and people clicked that red button. Update: Well, due to speaking my mind again which was against what 98% of the people thought in a certain topic, I was rated down as far as it could go and continued to be rated down by everyone who read the post. Due to that I have de-saged and completely fucked my chance to guru. Nice. Morale of ZAM: Never disagree with fanboys. As such, I have stopped using this forum. My FFXI character was automatically deleted in 2004 after 3 months of inactivity. I have never been able to get him restored, thus I've never went back to FFXI. It's a wonder how I played for 2 years yet only have a level 52 Paladin. I guess I either took a lot of breaks or was just that kind of social person, enjoying myself with friends. I've never been a grinder and have actually been grinding myself out of the RPG genre due to being with it all my life.

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