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Lasswyn was found as a baby in a basket on the steps of one of Altana's convents. The nuns tried their best to keep up with the little hellraiser...er, little darling, but when the day came for Lasswyn to venture beyond their cloistered walls and become an adventurer, they weren't just supportive...they were shoving her out the front gate and popping champagne corks, breaking a centuries-old ban on alcohol consumption by holy sisters, and two windows. Lasswyn has never understood why the Elvaan must brick themselves up in stone cities instead of frolicking freely through the woods, wearing wispy chiffon dresses, playing lilting musical instruments, drinking white wine spritzers and making love on beds of moss. Given the chance, she will try to do these things as often as possible, pursuant to her fianc├ęs schedule.

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