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WARNING: This is a tremendous ego-boost/epeen calculator, but its a bio so by reading this, you have made the choice to continue despite the warning. -I know more about FFXI than I care to admit. -If you claim to have more than 5 jobs well-geared, you are probably full of shit, or you need to learn what it means to be "well-geared". -People who claim to be versatile often (almost always) end up sucking at everything. -People who can't think logically or who simply aren't intelligent will most likely strongly disagree with everything I ever have to say. -Attempting a "turn-around statement" as a retort is proof that I am right. -Solo BLM has been my thing for a while, I hope my findings have helped a lot of people. -I was amongst the first initial wave to not only attempt salvage, but also to conquer it. -I was the first novio earring ever on siren. -I have done ODS/Apollyon NW/Temenos West/Behemoth/Genbu/Bhaflau Remnants/Arrapago Remnants NMs/Brothers ENM/Sheep In Antlion's Clothing ENM all solo. -I have been on the cutting edge of endgame development and strategy development for more than 6 years. -I use a keyboard to play my game on PC. -I play FFXI with a graphing calculator next to me so I can record data. -When I discuss FFXI strategies or knowledge, I will neither refute nor support "theories" (as will always be stated by me). Merely present the evidence. You make the choice yourselves. I could continue the list but I'm done with being an ego-maniac for a bit. If you read all of that, any of that, or quote/use/refer-to any of that, you hereby agree to it being a truth forever-more.