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Terebi toki! (-.-;) toge togu Being white mage nearly all my time, I realize, what kinda fun is that? =P So thats why I started to Lv Rdm into Lv 35, and Blm into Lv 35. Being the 71 white mage I am now, it's kind of fun to level another job. Ciloteille: 75WHM/50RDM/35BLM/37NIN/15THF/10BRD Nekala:75 SAM/50MNK/40WAR/40THF/20NIN/10:10-20's Fatthrasher: 30MNK/30WAR/15THF Achats: 30RDM/18BLM/10WHM These are 3 other chars, and I don't know why I have so many Lv's into these other chars, other jobs, or same jobs on other chars. /laugh, if you think about it, least i got some mules to have fun with ;) ( Updated: 3/28/07 [retired] )