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I have been addicted to videogames since my Atari 2600 days. You would never have thought that the Atari was $299 when it came out. After I broke 3 controllers on that, I moved to the NES, then SNES, then Sega, then PS, PS2, N64, XB, and PC. There is no end in sight. Even after 30 years of age and 9 years of marriage games never get old (OMG!! Yes, someone would actually stay married to me, although I need to inflate her every now and then) /ducks from flying cooking pan Either way, I have been finding many wonderful uses for videogames, including (but not limited to) Being bored, eating, lack of hygiene, sleep, personal relationships, virtual girlfriends, and the all important... escape from reality. Now that I have had a PC for awhile, MMO's have been an integral part of my PC game obsession. I hope to one day be in the Guinness Book of world records, for "The filthiest human ever to be found dead while at a computer desk, playing an MMO". It is my life’s dream... / stares off into distance.