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PERSONAL BIOGRAPHY Place Of Origin: Sandoria Current Working Job: LV: 60Sam/War Rank: 5 Demeanor: Trusting, Impatient, Careful, Honorable, Respectful, Kind Family: Father Notomaeda Joninmaru -Deceased, Mother Koyako Wong -Killed By His Father, Sister Umei Joninmaru Brother WolfChi (Galkan WAR, Nation Of Sandoria), MusashiYagyu (Brother, Sandoria) Coeurl of Sandoria (mithra, sister in law) Ahalamandra of Windhurst (mithra sister in law) Darkhealer of windhurst (taru, brother) Spouse: Zirasharia Joninmaru (Mithra RDM/BLM, Nation of Windhurst) Children: Zanshiro Joninmaru (Galkan RDM, Nation Of Bastok) Guankim Joninmaru (Hume RDM of Bastok) Story: On his travels he struggles to help those in need, slay demons of all regions, an his goal is to become a powerful Samurai Monk, an use his abilities to defeat demon lords. He also loves his precious wife Zirasharia another adventurer like himself, thow they often do not get to be with each other, there love is still strong. Helps his kids and trains them when not training his self.