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Elvaan Female Mage One damn big taru. My main job was originally RDM. Then as I worked on my WHM subjob, I found I liked it though sometimes I wish for my RDM again... or at least worked WHM first with BLM sub. I am willing to come Raise you with a tell if you're in the same zone or the adjacent zone if I'm not on a party, on a Chocobo, or tracking a monster/item. Of course I'd be willing to go anywhere if you can afford my transport in and out or pay for a 2nd Chocobo if I have to get off my current one. I'm a mage so I am ALWAYS poor. Donations welcomed. ;) I don't believe in power leveling. It's boring to do and you don't really learn the job. But I could be convince at a high price and if you're > Rank 5. My rational is that a noob should go through full hardship. Someone with enough money and play time is less likely to be bad at his job.