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I started out on Ragnarok server the day of the PS2 launch, then switched over to Asura about a month later and created Niami, when I'd heard Asura had a roleplay community centered around the linkshell Children of Altana. I played for about three years, resulting in a very nicely equipped 75 bard, an exquisitely decorated moghouse, and most importantly, a wonderful and diverse group of friends and comrades. That came to a sudden and unexpected end, when my account information was taken by someone I used to live with and sold. I tried to contact Square Enix about it a few times, offering to prove the account was legitimately mine, but they refused to listen and told me it was out of their hands. Recently, the douche who bought my character switched servers with her, so I was able to get the name "Niami" back on Asura, and I started over at the end of July 2008 to rebuild my awesome pirate bard.