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--------------- Myself Name- N/A just use Grey_fox Gender- Male Age- 16 Birthday- May, 16th 1988 Sign- meh... dunno Location- --:TOP SECRET:-- Height- 172.6cm (for those still left behind in Imperial: 5'8") Weight- 66kg Eyes- Green/Blue Hair- Brown and Spiked with Gel --------------- Other Info Nationality- English Known languages- English, French (High School Education), German (but pitiful) and some other random words from other random languages wink.gif Christian- Yes. --------------- Favorites Color- Green Animal- Meerkats... they're sooooo cute! Music Genre- Rock Nu-Metal... anything heavy..... Music Artist(s)- Muse, Creed, Linkin Park. --------------- Work Related Occupation- 6th form Learning- ICT, Business and Economics, Maths, French Job Experiences- 3 weeks in an estate agents for compulsery Work Experience -------------------- Qualifications GCSE Level ICT- A French- A Biology- A Chemistry- A Physics- A Mathematics- B English Language- B English Literature- B Resistant Materials Technology- B Business Studies- C German- C