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Initializin Final Fantasy... Character Alara created: 21/12/2004 .. warrior this is her Story.... i took my first look at the world of Vana'diel in the wonderfull city of Bastok, i met some wonderfull people there who showed me how to control myself properly. i left the city shortly after arriving for some fresh air, i learned to first and progressed until i was strong enough to travel safely.. after a few days i left bastok and traveled to Valkarm Dunes in search of a bigger challenge, at the step i realise how powerfull some of the monsters of Vana'diel really are. after meeting with a large number of people i then set off with 5 others to look for sometihng to fight.. after losing one of my friendes because of problems i realised how fragile this world is and i dedicated myself to be the best i could... i quickly progressed myself over the next few days with a small amount of wounds until i reached the town of Selbina, i bought some supplies and helped an old ma n out, who showed me a very usefull way of combining my skills to boost my power. after this i traveled to the huge city of jueno, i was ammaed by the amount of people here and i soon found some more new friends, after a little shopping and resting i traveled down to Quifim Island, this was a very scarry and terrifying place because i arrived at nighttime and there are many dangers in quifim island at night... i moved to a lake and resting until the sun came up meeting with some more adventurers to fight once more.. character ended... SAM 48 WAR 31 MNK 18 BLM 17 DRK 10 all jobs unlocked -------------------- New Alara! Fenrir Server RNG60