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blm maat mashed @68 5/24/07 ~10:53pm 6/3/07 rank10 windy, 7/28/07 Savage blade rdm 75 ~1:25am 8/27/07 blm 75...sometime awhile back dnc75 5/10/09 [quote=GW]I had an argument with a woman once about this. She said that Women aren't evil because God is a woman. I said: "If god was a woman every full moon there would be floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes. The week after that there would be chocolate." [/quote] CM: Oh no. I attack you because you deserve it. The only time you will ever get praise typing anything is when it's your suicide note. Get it through your thick @#%^ing skull. I will not discuss sh*t with you because you are the absolute most pathetic excuse for a human being. You are proof there is a god because even carbon isn't stupid enough to form you by accident.