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Server: Ifrit Home: Windurst Main Job: SMN/WHM Avatars: ALL -Fenrir :( Promvy Access ---------------------------- My name is Escaflone...I am a Summoner among Summoners, my life, my Avatars. We are that of one body and soul. I am my Avatars, and my Avatars are I. Fate chooses my path, cause FATE so wills it. I do not ask why Fate choose the Path of the Summoner, I just am who i am to be. Us Summoners are one...yet many. We hide in the Dark Seeking the Light. We do not sleep, we are outcast-heretics: ones who are hated by the outside world and yet still seek to protect it. Do not tell me how to live my life, or how to be the Summoner i am...I Now choose my OWN fate...this is now MY story. And i will live it how i wish it to be... Escaflone