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Bastok Rank 8 THF-61, RNG-40, NIN-37, PLD-40 (new main), MNK-30, WAR-18, others are lv. 20 or less. ----------------------------- Smithing 58.6 and going up Leathercraft 25.0 ----------------------------- NOTORIUS MONSTERS ----------------------------- Leaping Lizzy 11/50 before update. Argus 3/4 before update. Golden Bat 2/3 Stray Mary 2/25 Spook 1/3 Crypt Ghost 0/10 Ooze 0/34 There are many many more that I have killed that I can't think of at the moment. But if you don't believe me on any of the above ones (like Argus, which I am surprised with). You just gotta remember, I'm a Thief, This is my only way of income. Need 8-1 through 9-2 ZM5 as well