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Server: Fenrir Currently: Seeking party for Diabolos Avatar Battle, Rdm/Drk ready Doing CoP 4-2 Leveling Samurai to 75 Leveling Ninja to 75 Solo'd: 20 (Smn) BCNM 20 Shooting Fish 20 (Smn) Garuda for whisper 67 Mysticmaker Profblix for earring (1/7) 70 Darkspark for Warlock's Gloves 74 Ose for Assault Jerkin (1/2) 74 All Avatars for multiple people and for Bauble (12/14) 74 Aura Butler for fun and little profit Skills: Clothcraft 73 Leathercraft 20 Goldcraft 14 Other Rare/Ex Items: Shaman's Cloak Hornetneedle Magnifying Spectacles Garuda's Dagger Titan's Cudgel Lightning Ring Libra Subligar