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A linkshell leader and slow leveler (both time i have now and invite rates) I help anyone not on my Blist who acts polite and friendly. I started as a RDM switching to DRG in a 57 hour run. . . That was allmost two years ago. . . I've been a happy member of the Bastokcoilition, a pround but guilty member of UnforgivenSins, which I left for the ExiledHeros in a fit of rage and finally created my own group the TruthsofLiminality. I've seen allmost all there is to see in lowwer lvl areas. Gone through countless hours soloing in every possible zone that I could think of while waiting on parties. I hope to hit lvl 70 drg and rest for awhile. possibly take my first love (RDM) up to 60. You can ask anyone who has known me for a long time (not on my blist) everyone of them will tell you I try my hardest every. . . single. . . day.