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Amnesia. The terrible state of the mind that inflicts Kuchizuke. Awakened on the beaches of Sarutabaruta, Kuch was found by the traveller Isper. This youthful Tarutaru told her that she had be thought dead after a terrible attack on their ship leaving Bastok they were travelling on. Kuchizuke did not remember a thing about the trip. He told her she could find something more in the nearby town, windurst. After realizing she stood out to the predominantly tarutaru and mithrian populace, she picked up the warrior class, and became Isper's protector. Kuchizuke also had one reoccuring dream - something she found to be directly related to her past. In her dreams, she was always dressed in heavy armor, wielding a polearm, and all around her, dragons humbled her very presence. Isper told her the moon was saying her feirocity on the battlefield was that of a dragon, and he referred to her thenafter as the dragon warrior. She felt these dreams had a deep interlocking as to her place in Vana'diel. Natrually wielding a polearm better than the average new elvaan, she found herself having a place on the battlefield. Isper slowly re-taught her the ways of their linkshell, the Moon Espers. Isper felt very in-tune with the language of the moon, so in-tune he felt that everyone could hear it speak to them. Kuchizuke's survival, no doubt, was the will of the moon, knowing that she still had more to do on this earth. She had complete faith in the moon and it's power to heal her amnesia. As time pressed on, Kuchizuke and Isper travelled alongside more companions, like Sayuru and Airashii. But, Kuchizuke's life took another turn for the worse... In a terrible unfolding of events, Isper and Airashii lost their lives. Soon after, Sayuru lost all contact with Kuchizuke. Finally lost, and having no one to turn to, Kuchizuke aimlessly roamed the deserts of Tahrongi, lost for a cause. After a while, her travels brought her to the dock town of Mhaura. There she found a boat could take her to Selbina, a land where nearby, many people of her stature roamed. She took the boat, and eventually found her new home in Selbina, where indeed, many people close to her skill flourished. Next door, in the Valkrum Dunes, is where Kuchizuke found her next purpose. The moon had abandoned her, she felt, and she still had no memory of her past. She took upon herself to join any random group of people she could to find more clues, and a purpose. One day, she found Drekon, and with him, a group of lively canidates that eventually became her next trusted friends. Drekon and his knights had a strong group, a very light-hearted collection of people who tried to bring a more whimsical feel to Vana'diel. Kuchizuke could rest easy for now - she could better hone her battle skills before further finding her memories. After Drekon's Knights slowly started to fade from Kuchizuke with the passing of time, she began to feel cold again. She met Coldedge, who lead her to the Mighty linkshell SilverCloud. Here, the story will continue...