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My nickname just came up one day during a normal conversation. Some of my friends were all "Hey you really Pwn nubs with reckless abandon and a devil-may-care attitude." To which I replied: "I Pwn nubs each day, every day. I wake up each morning thinking of new ways to pwn new nubs. See this belt? Ever wonder what these notches stand for? Nubs, thoroughly pwnd and left crying in my wake. If I could get paid for pwnage I'd still do it for free, but gratuity is appreciated. I keep the world free and safe from nubs. I should have my own comic book." This caused some gasps and mixed looks from onlookers and friends alike. After a few minutes of standing there in silence one my friends said, "They should call you 'The Pwnisher'. And that was the last time any of those friends returned my phone calls and emails.