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Spellbind, known as the 'Devourer of the Cosmos' in Taru mythology, 'Goddess of Chaos and Discord’ in the Elvaan Ethos,' goes by the title 'Unholy Scourge' in the lands of the Galka, and ‘Bringer of Erotic Pleasures and Love’ by the Mithra, is 6' 3" tall with dark brown hair that she wears in a pony tail. She is currently clad in Austere Garb (which makes her look like a hobo) and her Summoner's Leg Warmers, but she is trying to see if she can weave herself something a little more formfitting, such as a Black Mage Lycra-Spandex Catsuit. Her achievements include: Eradicating all traces of the Ronzo race from the history of existence after being denied passage through Mt. Gagazet, perfecting the process of magically extracting life essence from the planet as a viable energy source and using proceeds from Midgar investors to found the Shinra Corporation, and using magic blended with future sciences to bioengineer a nigh invincible living weapon she code named 'Omega' to reign terror and madness throughout time and space just because she could. Her turn on's are: The dark power of forbidden magicks, summoning unholy minions to do her evil bidding, and the lazy swish of Mithra tails. Her turn off's are: The strict rules of the White Mage Code in regards to healing the injured, harvesting flowers from her plants when she wanted gems or fungus, and jokes about her height. Her hobbies include: Cooking, Gardening, and having her Avatars peel the flesh off the girls who mocked her for being so tall back in Mage School. She travels with two companions by her side. Buford the Blade : A Galka Samurai blinded by spitting Lizards deep in the jungles of Elshimo, he was taken in by a tribe of wild Mithras who pitied him. After discovering they possessed no pot large enough to cook him, they taught him the ways of the Bushido so that he may rejoin the world, able to overcome his handicap and fend for himself instead of having to rely on the generosity of others. Quick to rile, he has been known to slice the head off any waiter who doesn't bring his mithkabobs to him in a timely fashion. His many exploits include being the only member to return from the doomed expedition to the lair of the Cannibalistic Galka Pygmies that dwell in the Toraimarai Canal and being 3-Time Grand Champion of the Rarab Tail Hostelry Annual Tarutaru Tossing Contest. Rakhir of the Blinding Light : An Elvaan Paladin renown for his prowess with the blade, his skill with the shield, and his insatiable lust for Taru women. His only hopes are to master the teachings of the Knights of the Round and to see the day when the Church of the Goddess lifts the ban on mixed race marriages. When not protecting his companions from the horrors that ravage the savage frontier, he can be found drinking heavily, shooting craps, and carousing with his Taru lover Sillyone at the Timbre Timbers Tavern. All bards sing of how Rakhir single-handedly defeated the ailing Imp King in unarmed combat and the horrific ballad of his utter defeat at the hands of a ravenous horde of bloodthirsty rarabs in the Palborough Mines. They had a fourth companion, Daven of the Baron Isles. He was a Thief adept in the forbidden arts of Ninjitsu. His only accomplishment was surviving long enough to poke fun at the hanging sacks that swing in the Crawler's Nest. Oh, and he had a beard. Alas, he had to be sacrificed when, it was discovered, that the Ninja Scrolls he had procured in his quests for the Pirate Town of Norg could be sold on the Black Market for a tidy profit. Daven’s body was never discovered and the Jeuno authorities have found no credible leads. Together, the remaining adventures travel the lands of Vana’Diel, slaughtering Beastmen for gil and harvesting body parts from fiends for profit to fuel their rise to power. Allowing nothing to stand in their way, they are a force to be reckoned with and a team to be respected and feared.