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Unlike most Mithra, Xorathaa (Xor for friends) was raised in San'Doria away from her natural home in Windurst. Her loving parents were both Elvaan and treated her as a child of their own. She was found as a baby, abandoned near the Ghelsba Outpost when her father and his brother suprised the Orcish scouts who were about to have her for lunch. Laterre, her father, made short work of the orcs and was cleaning his blade when he heard a baby crying. When he came home his wife Janelle immediately smothered the child with her love. Unable to have children of herself, she was delighted and Xor was raised in a loving family. No-one ever found out how the orcs obtained her.... Still uncertain about her past, Xorathaa travels the land of Vana'Diel. She prefers the sword, but is not unknown with arts of magic or the arts of running really fast. Due to her upbringing she is the most selfcentered, hautain, prissy Mithra ever the walk the lands of Vana'Diel and she knows it.