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Zaldor is a Hume citizen of Windwurst. He is a mainly a RDM/THF now. His Primary Main Job Redmage. His Secondary Main Job is Summoner. When he reaches level 34, he will become a Red Mage Master, and will use many subjobs, depending on what circumstance he is entering. His most popular job combos are/will be RDM/THF, RDM/SMN, RDM/NIN, RDM/DRK, RDM/PLD, RDM/BLU, RDM/BLM, and RDM/WHM. Zaldor has traveled to five Telepoints/Crags: Holla, Dem, Mea, Yhoator, and Altepa. He has travelled to Windwurst(obviously), Sandoria, Bastok, Mhuara, Norg, Kazham, Rabao, and Selbina. Zaldor has taken his first airship ride from Port Jueno, landing in Kazham. This is the first time Zaldor has been off the main continent. Zaldor has spent the most time in Sandy, trying to get enough fame to get the spell Drain. Zaldor has recently made rank 4, after rescuing the Windurstian Ambassador to Jeuno. He is looking for others to slowly help him complete the Magicite Quest, which will gain him level 5, and will allow him to finally use every Airship Flight. Right now, Zaldor's main concern is to get all possible Redmage Subjobs to level 15-17. His 2nd concern is to maintain and continue his gardening in his three different greenhouses, especially his Wildgrass gardening, which is the primary source of Zaldor's income, his second source coming from his Culinary Crafting, his farming of Sabertooth Tigers' Teeth, Twinstone Earrings, Elementals' Clusters, and Gusgen Mines Clay. Zaldor's 3rd concern is obtaining Avatar Scrolls via the level 20 Mini-Tuning Fork Quests. So far, he does not have one single Avatar, other than Carbuncle who came with the job, under his Summoner's Control. Zaldor's 4th concern is to unlock every single advanced job, and he has 4 locked jobs left to unlock: SAM, DRG, COR, and PUP. After Zaldor finally finishes his primary concern, his new primary concern will be to level his Redmage, learning new spells per level, as fast as possible.