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Teikon, an Elvaan Thief that has been raised in Windurst for 21 years. Born in Tavnazian before the Crystal war over 20 years back, was abandanded after the initial attack on Tavnazian 20 years back. Was found by a Mithra, Galka, and Tarutaru team that was returning from a battle in La Theine Plateau in the Valkurm Dunes. Was raised by the Three in Windurst after the war, it was rather odd for an Elvaan to be raised with Taru and Mithra children, being taller and out of place, grew use to being around people shorter then he, he grew, being good with his hands, he learned how to use a blade, and was quick with his hands. Better suiting him for the job of thief. 20 years passsed, and now things are pretty mixed in his life, he's fallen in love sometimes, but those times proved to be failures. Now, he's just eager to to gain more skills and become a better fighter...