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Windy Bird - a Final Fantasy XI Fansite http://aerroenu.fishingguild.net ========================= Former Allegiance to Windurst, Rank 5 Active LSs: FishTank (clam) Member of the former FishingGuild Particular Partners in Crime: Crace (<3), Cygnus ([Take care.]), Silentwind, Terren, Xiahou ========================= [Berserk] [Tarutaru] [Craftsman]! Go-go-go! Gotta make up for being a "defenseless WHM." (>=]) Crafting Goal: All crafting to 60. *Yoda voice* When three crafts over highest job you've got, questions you might ask after half year. Mmmm? Hahaha! ========================= Notaru muchy-wuchy of a NM huntaru, so no info. ========================= Thank you: Mission 5-1: Brickwall, Crace, Desmognathus, Silentwind, and congratulations to Enderwiggin! Mission 5-2: Acolyte, Darkkun, Hadesixii, Jazn, and congratulations to Enderwiggin! ========================= Huh? Serket Rings? Astral Earring? The foo yo smokin'?! Party with me before you whine about my gear. [Stone Cheese] + [Garlic Cracker], [You can have this.]