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Tayr is an Elvaan female (as of this writing Level 32 Warrior/Level 25 Red Mage)with black hair, residing in the fort city of San d'Oria. As of 3-6-05 Tayr is in Kazham with plans to lvl her WAR to 30 and take on the DRK quest. *As of 3-26-05 Tayr reached War Lvl 30 and has completed the Drk quest. *Tayr has since completed the Beastmaster Flag Quest (she was bored in Jeuno one day). *5-17-05 Tayr has decided (no idea why) to bring her Whm out of mothballs and re-start that lvling. It has since been determined that Tayr be main healer in her LS static. ESP? *This wknd. she will do the "General's Secret" quest, using her War 32/Mnk 19, and get that out of the way. Tayr also plans to take her Drk (19) to Qufim for more lvling there this wknd. Tayr's Drk has since reached Lvl 21. Her War is now 34. *Tayr recently acquired the jobs of DRG and BRD. She prefers DRG. She only did BRD quest b/c B/F asked her to join him in doing it. If nothing else it'll serve as a lvl 1 Blood Warping job. *(Jul-05)Drk lvl 30 has been reached. At this point Tayr has decided to make Drk her main job. Hoping a pt can be found. Jul.16 - Drk 34 achieved Jul.22- Drk 38. Nice to know I can take my Drk to 68 w/o having to lvl War more (altho I will anyway). Jul.2005-Reached Drk 40 Aug.2005-Level 44 In Quicksand Caves