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Backstory: After the Great War during the "exchange program," Silus's older brother Goki Windstorm was exchanged from the cultures of San d'Oria to Windurst. Two years later his real parents went to visit him from San d'Oria. About one week into their visit, Goki's mom had a baby. They named him Silus, after a Royal Knight that helped the Windstorms out a lot, and had just passed away recently. Silus was born in Windurst, so, although it's odd for an Elvaan, pledged his allegiance to the federation of Windurst. When Silus was a mere two years old, Mrs. Windstorm had to take a long trip to Rabao. On her way back, she was brutally attacked by a pack of Antica. She did not survive. Upon hearing the terrible news, Mr. Windstorm made an alliance with the Galka, a rarely-seen thing to San d'Orians, and swore vengeance to the Antica. Since Goki wasn't raised by his real mother, he wasn't as badly tormented as Silus was by her death. Silus joined in the widely popular hatred of the Antica. He never left Windurst to grow up in San d'Oria. He admired masterers of magic in Windurst more than the masterers of swordcraft in San d'Oria. But he did love wielding a blade, and caring for one too. Then one fateful day, he met a special Tarutaru- a Paragon of Red Mage excellence. He marvelled at the destruction this Tarutaru could create.. and so at the age of 10, Silus took up the job of being a Red Mage. Now, present day, Silus is 18 years old, near mastery of the art of Red Magic.