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FFXI (pc version) is my first contact with the game (heck, even the genre). I created my character on October 29th 2004, and began finding my way in the Bastok City area as a male, Hume WAR. By the time I had it leveled up to 15, I realised I made the wrong choice. I was not destined to become a famous WAR. So I changed jobs and started over as a WHM. I really like magic to help other players out where needed. This somehow gives me a better feeling of satisfaction than just slicing up the zillionth monster. However, after hitting level 20 I found out that the live of a WHM is very hard in Vana'diel. Keeping your party alive is a very demanding job and you can forget about that solo career. A WHM's body is not made to catch more than an occasional blow. So once again I decided to switch jobs and take on BLM as my main job with WHM subbed. I took both WHM and BLM to the mid 30's, then started on BST. Loved every second of it. I finally dinged BST75 on June 9th, 2006. Thinking of leveling BLU or NIN now.