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Somniloquy : Tarutaru. Began as a RDM, after subjob Q I levelled up WHM to 20, switched to RDM/WHM but when I hit RDM 25 very few invites. So, levelled BLM in Bastok area, helped with fame. Took BLM to 25 and switched to WHM/BLM and took WHM easily to level 50. Then I unlocked BST, DRK, PLD, DRG and finally SMN. Took smn to 39 (2 extra levels for fun) but use as subjob for WHM cos its focused and Aerial armour saves MP for heals. Cast AA and sit healing till the blink wears off the tank, puller comes back uninjured. Also level melee jobs up to 14 solo cos I get a lot of crystals :) Love WHM, varied and brilliant job.