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Birthed amidst blood and flame to a dragon's whore, Dryker was born a dragon's bastard. His father an exile for befriending Belirium, the scourge of San d'Oria, and in so doing violating the ancient Elvaan decree that prohibits any relations with dragon-kind. Alienated and ostracized while being reared among Orc sympathizers who wished only to use the boy once he came of age, Dryker met manhood an outsider. Growing up berated by the taunts of: "Reptilian Reject" and "Halfling", Dryker has come to treasure the moniker "Dragon Bastard" and vows to one day be Dragoon and fell the behemoth that is Belirium, caring not that it be his sire. He now sees the beast only as a betrayer of friends and his mother's rapist. Those who enter his vicinity may witness outbursts of "Be it today or be it far from now, Belirium's blood will quench mine thirsty spear!" and "No need of man's stalwart walls or his gaping moats. I am Dragoon, stronghold unto myself!"