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Shamaya, Asura Server; Real name: Joe, Birthday: March 15th, 1984, Raised in: Western Massachusetts, Secondary/PostSecondary Education in: Pensacola & Gainesville, Florida, Currently living in (as of Spring 2009): Sendai, Japan; Favorite type of food: Mexican, Favorite movie: Fight Club, Choice sport: Skiing, Favorite anime/manga: Hajime no Ippo & Berserk, University degree in: Philosophy; First main-job in FFXI: Thief, Final main-job in FFXI: Thief, Reason for playing thief: One of the most challenging jobs in the game in terms of gear, playing skill and attention, and knowledge required for mastery. One of the most powerful potential DD's pre&post relic. One of the most powerful solo classes. One of the best utility classes. And perhaps just as important; the class is aesthetic in nature and is one of the most enjoyable job classes to play., FFXIAH profile: http://www.ffxiah.com/player.php?id=19613 , Alt character: Tepic (75 Rdm), Game blog: http://shamayaasura.livejournal.com