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On 3/23/04 I Picked up the Copy For PS2 that I had Preordered back in January of that year. When I arrived home I quickly pulled everything out of its box and slid the harddrive in the PS2 securing it with the network adapter.I turned on the PS2 and had to do the harddrive software and tried to play. Now for those of you who still remember..... It said it was pre-installed on the harddrive. What a crock of crap that was! lol. Now, after everything installed (which wasnt that bad) came the update. Holy $^!t, I was almost turned off of the game, Cussing and getting furious. I drank a few beers and went to bed for the night, leaving the PS2 on. The next day after work I came home And thats when Sephyder was born and my life was changed forever...........

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