39-42 East Altepa Desert  

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Level 39-42

How to Get to Camp

From Republic of Bastok:

Bastok Mines > Zeruhn Mines > Korroloka Tunnel > Eastern Altepa Desert

Use sneak to run through Eastern Altepa Desert without getting aggro.

Camp Info

  • Camp at outpost at F-9
  • Supports one party

Target Mobs

Goblin Digger, Goblin Trader, Goblin Poacher, Goblin Reaper, Goblin Robber

  • Mob Level: 45-49
  • Mob Family: Goblin
  • Aggro to sight
  • Links by sight
  • Weak vs. Light


Remember to use barfira, and have a stunner ready to stop bomb toss.

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