A Feast for Gnats Spoilers  

The following are transcripts and video from the Wings of the Goddess quest A Feast for Gnats.

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Windurst Waters (S)

Romaa Mihgo: Lehko, you're finally back. And PLAYERNAME, too...
Lehko Habhoka: How farrre you, Miss Romaa? I hope you don't mind me borrowing PLAYERNAME for just a while longer.
Haja Zhwan: And wherrre have you two been, eh?
Mikhe Aryohcha: Now, look here! How darrre you go off gallivanting like that, leaving poor Mikhe behind!
Romaa Mihgo: Hmm... you're looking well for someone who has just recently "collapsed from starvation."
Lehko Habhoka: A speedy recovery made possible because of you, to be surrre.
Romaa Mihgo: Lehko. PLAYERNAME is one of our very best.
Romaa Mihgo: It's one thing to be frrriendly with him. But if you go planting any strrrange ideas in his head, there'll be hell to pay. Understood?
Lehko Habhoka: Not that I have a mind to do anything of the sort, but what happened to trrrusting in your fellow Mithra?
Lehko Habhoka: I'd love to stay here and be on the receiving end of more good-willed prrreaching, but my presence is required elsewhere. Now, if you'll excuse me...
Lehko Habhoka: Hm?
Romaa Mihgo: Going to see the Warlock Warlord? I've been summoned myself.
Lehko Habhoka: A delightful coincidence! I must say, it's much more fun being scolded en masse.
In Heavens Tower...
Robel-Akbel: I appreciate your attendance on such short notice.
Robel-Akbel: Hm? That person with you...
Lehko Habhoka: I thought you wouldn't mind an extra guest, especially one who left such a positive impression on you the other day.
Lehko Habhoka: Besides...
Lehko Habhoka: I have reason to believe that PLAYERNAME is the same as us.
Robel-Akbel: ...
Romaa Mihgo: A poor turn-out for a strategy meeting, isn't it? Where are the rrrest of the unit leaders?
Robel-Akbel: The last battle exacted a heavy toll...
Robel-Akbel: Those who survived unwounded have not had the luxury of rest, and are either back on active duty or overseeing the training of new additions to our forces.
Lehko Habhoka: Even with Minister Zonpa-Zippa's Cardians included in the equation, our numberrs are meager at best.
Robel-Akbel: If things are left as they stand, our armies will waste away into nothingness, even without external urging.
Robel-Akbel: But the enemy we face cares not for the waiting game...
Robel-Akbel: Enter!
Robel-Akbel: This is Naho Gwanboh, leader of the Cheetah Volunteers newly arrived from Olzhirya. She and the Cheetahs will be partaking in the upcoming operation with the Cobra Unit.
Lehko Habhoka: That's a shiny new rifle you have therrre.
Naho Gwanboh: Always a pleasure to meet a man who knows his firearrrms.
Naho Gwanboh: This here is the latest model frrresh out of Aht Urhgan -- truly a fire-breathing beast!
Romaa Mihgo: The Gha Nabohan economy is evidently experiencing a bubble perrriod. Windurst's, on the other hand....
Romaa Mihgo: Do we have the financial means to recrrruit shipload after shipload of mercenaries? The debt we owe to the High Matriarch must be astrrronomical.
Naho Gwanboh: I like frisky, but this kitty here's frrrisky to the point of irritating.
Nzha Abaleenah: Easy there, boss, she's prrrobably just the designated tour guide during our stay. No need to get worked up.
Romaa Mihgo: "Tour guide," huh? You sure have a big mouth for a small frrry.
Naho Gwanboh: I'm pleased to see that the Mithran welcoming trrradition hasn't been lost to those outside the motherland. Now, what say you and I get rrreal acquainted?
Lehko Habhoka: Ahem! Seeing how we're now introduced, let's commence the brrriefing, shall we?
Robel-Akbel: ...Romaa and Naho, your two units are to head to the Aragoneu front.
Robel-Akbel: Our agents have reported movement by the sizable enemy force first sighted at the Meriphataud Mountains.
Robel-Akbel: The beastmen are headed west towards Sauromugue Champaign and, during their advance, have been observed absorbing units previously deployed throughout Aragoneu.
Lehko Habhoka: Has the strategic importance of the Garlaige Citadel been exposed?
Lehko Habhoka: ... Or is the Shadow Lord finally mobilizing his forces to lay siege to Jeuno?
Robel-Akbel: Our intelligence favors the probability of the latter -- Gigas Catapulters and Armored Division Quadav form the bulk of their assault force.
Romaa Mihgo: So they've turrrned their attention to Jeuno...
Robel-Akbel: Those at the Allied Headquarters are aware of the encroaching threat and are deeply perturbed, to say the least. They bid us double our contribution to the defense of Jeuno's eastern wall.
Lehko Habhoka: Quite an unsympathetic request to put forth to an impoverished nation with barrrely enough soliders to man its own gates.
Romaa Mihgo: Yeah, the sorry bunch at headquarters lazing in their cushy lounge chairrrs, surrounded by Jeuno's thick walls -- they haven't the slightest idea of the situation we're in.
Robel-Akbel: It is the Allied War Council you so despise that provided us with the funding required to recruit the services of the Cheetah Volunteers.
Naho Gwanboh: I much preferrr "Cheetah Army" myself. Has a much more menacing rrring to it.
Romaa Mihgo: So, my unit's task is to escorrrt the new arrivals to the eastern wall?
Robel-Akbel: Not quite. Lehko, the details, if you will.
Lehko Habhoka: Yours will be a diversionary mission for the purpose of allowing the rrreal reinforcements to reach Jeuno unscathed. I, too, will be partaking in this operation.
Romaa Mihgo: So we're to be the bait, eh? Well, I can't argue against us being more suited to attracting undue attention than a merry band of Tarutaru.
Robel-Akbel: You are to do no more than simply draw their attention -- no giving chase, and no magic.
Romaa Mihgo: ... beacause any amateurish spell-casting would reveal our identity as mere mercenaries to the enemy, rrright?
Robel-Akbel: Correct.
Romaa Mihgo: Fine by me.
Naho Gwanboh: I'll have you know that we Cheetahs didn't come all the way across the ocean to be bossed arrround on the battlefield.
Romaa Mihgo: And I'll have you know that I'll not tolerate your blatant disrrregard for professionalism jeopardizing the safety of my unit.
Lehko Habhoka Now, now, ladies... As long as the main strrrategy is abided to, you have free rein over your respective units.
Lehko Habhoka And, I promise to refrrrain from excessively imposing leadership during the operation. Naho Gwanboh: Now you're talking!
Robel-Akbel: The thinly layered eastern wall is one of Jeuno's few structural weaknesses. The beastmen are certain to concentrate their offensive there.
Robel-Akbel: The success of the fortress city's defense against the besiegers relies heavily upon the outcome of your mission. Much is at stake.
Lehko Habhoka: Participating units are to regrrroup at Sauromugue Champaign.
Lehko Habhoka: One last thing. Please avoid engaging in unnecessary skirmishes with the enemy until the operrration is concluded.
Naho Gwanboh: You're rather slight for a solideirrr. Wouldn't those waifish arms of yourrrrs feel more at home with a kitchen knife than a sword?
Romaa Mihgo: You obviously have doubts about my battle prrrowess. I'd be more than happy to perrrsonally convince you otherwise.
Nzha Abaleenah: Nyahahaha! Save your strrrength for the upcoming operation. You'll need it...
Romaa Mihgo: ...
Robel-Akbel: Are you certain about that PLAYER...?
Lehko Habhoka: Fairrrly certain. After all, he did bring me a blackened muddy siredon the other day...
Robel-Akbel: Hmm... intriguing indeed.
Robel-Akbel: And with regards to the diversionary operation...
Lehko Habhoka: I know, I know. We have to fashion them into an army of disciplined, capable soldiers.
Robel-Akbel: The matter is in your hands. I trust you need not be reminded of the pivotal role they will play in the coming decisive battle.
Lehko Habhoka: Naturally. So, any worrrd from the motherland as of late?
Robel-Akbel: Hmph.... Only that they can provide no further reinforcements, and advise us to abandon Windurst should control of the situation escape our grasp.
Robel-Akbel: They have offered asylum for Her Holiness at the capital, Yhoh, should necessity dictate.
Lehko Habhoka: My, my, what a kind and carrring soul the High Matriarch is.
Robel-Akbel: A shrewd, ambitious wench, that one.
Robel-Akbel: Her scheming goes so far as to even have the Star Sibyl in her grasp.
Robel-Akbel: Our situation grows more precarious still...

Sauromugue Champaign (S) Part 1

no description

Lehko Habhoka : Hmm... Looks like all have arrived safe and sound.
Lehko Habhoka : Then I will begin the briefing.
Lehko Habhoka : The reinforcement troops with which we have been tasked with safely delivering--the Cancerian and Geminian War Warlocks--are at present advancing through rough terrain along the Beflahgi Highroad.
Lehko Habhoka : The projected route for the enemy forrrce, on the other hand, is...
Tihl Midurhi : PLAYERNAME! You're joining in on the fun, too?
Tihl Midurhi : Hehehe, this is my first time being involved in a larrrge-scale operation. I can barely contain my excitement!
Mihl Pakorhma : "Can't contain" is more like it, Tihl. You haven't stopped rrranting about it since we left Windurst!
Tihl Midurhi : What's wrrrong with getting a little giddy from time to time!? It's not often we get to fight under the command of genius tactitian Master Lehko! This is our chance to imprrress!
Romaa Mihgo : Hey! No talking durrring briefing!
Lehko Habhoka : ...From here the road narrows down as it approaches a chasm.
Lehko Habhoka : Approximately one malm further down is where we will stage the ambush. Cheetah Volunteer riflerrrs are to perch themselves atop the chasm in firing positions.
Lehko Habhoka : Then, we wait patiently for the enemy to arrive. No one--absolutely no one--is to fire until I give the signal. You see to that, Naho.
Naho Gwanboh : No sweat!
Tihl Midurhi : <Sigh>... Master Lehko is even more charming when giving orders. So handsome...so intelligent...
So...in charrrge!
Mihl Pakorhma : This isn't the time to be swooning over authorrrity, Tihl. Snap out of it!
Lehko Habhoka : And Romaa. Your unit will form the strike force.
Lehko Habhoka : On my command, the Cobras are to storrrm the enemy's column and cut off their retreat.
Romaa Mihgo : Underrrstood.
Lehko Habhoka : Be warned, however, that the enemy's numbers grrreatly outnumber ours, making the risk of counter-flanking very real.
Lehko Habhoka : Both units, be prepared to pull out instantly when ordered to withdrrraw.
Tihl Midurhi : Sir, yes sirrr!
Mihl Pakorhma Underrrstood...
Naho Gwanboh : That's morrre than enough info we Cheetahs need to squash the enemy. Let them come, I say!
Lehko Habhoka : Hahaha. It's reassuring to be in the company of such spirrrited soldiers.
Lehko Habhoka : I have the utmost faith in you all.
Tihl Midurhi : <Blush>...
Sir, yes sirrr!

The soldiers await the enemy...

Tihl Midurhi : ...
Tihl Midurhi : (Um...is the enemy coming or what?)
Naho Gwanboh : (You sure the intelligence is accurate? My tail's crrramping up from all this waiting!)
Tihl Midurhi : (Ow, my elbows are killing me! Hey, Mihl, you hearrring anything? Like footsteps and stuff?)
Mihl Pakorhma : (Shhh! Keep it down or the boss'll clip us one on the ear!)
Naho Gwanboh : (Grrr! Hurry up and get here alrrready so I can make me some turtle soup!)
Romaa Mihgo : <Sniff, sniff>...
Quiet, all of you.
Romaa Mihgo : There's no mistake about it--they're here!
Lehko Habhoka : ...!
Romaa Mihgo : Hmm...looks to be Quadav Heavy Infantry.
Lehko Habhoka : No warmachines to be seen...which would explain their nimble marrrching pace. Damn, this isn't their main force.
Romaa Mihgo : No, wait...
These footsteps I'm hearing...
Naho Gwanboh : (Get rrready, girls. We're gonna mow them down in one go.)
Romaa Mihgo : ...Gigas! And lots of them!
Naho Gwanboh : Wh...what the hell are they!?
Nzha Abaleenah : No-nobody told us about those...things!
Lehko Habhoka : ...
Romaa Mihgo : (At least a dozen Gigas... It'll be nigh on impossible to supprrress a counter-attack...)
Lehko Habhoka : (The operation must be executed as planned. Left to continue their advance unmolested, the beastmen will surely encounterrr and engage the War Warlocks no more than ten malms ahead.)
Lehko Habhoka : (The Warlocks are exhausted from their arduous journey, and will be severrrely disadvantaged if caught out in open ground.)
Romaa Mihgo : (But--!)
Lehko Habhoka : (Shhh. Trust me.)
Lehko Habhoka : (Just a little furrrther...)
Lehko Habhoka : No one fires until I give the command.
Lehko Habhoka : Hold... Hold...
Lehko Habhoka : Hold...
Lehko Habhoka : Open firrre!!!
Lehko Habhoka : Deftly done, ladies.
Lehko Habhoka : Now, reload and preparrre for the second volley!
Don't allow the enemy time to pinpoint out position!
Lehko Habhoka : Cobras! Get ready to flank their column!
Lehko Habhoka : The next volley is your signal to scale down the chasm and storrrm their ranks!
Romaa Mihgo : Understood!
Lehko Habhoka : Open firrre!!!
Lehko Habhoka : ...Unsheathe your weapons!
Lehko Habhoka : Take a deep brrreath...
Lehko Habhoka : Chaaaaaarrrge!!!

Lehko Habhoka calls his chocobo...

Lehko Habhoka : Don't let the foe intimidate you! Hold your ground!
Naho Gwanboh : Whaaahhh!!!
Naho Gwanboh : Uhhhnnn...
Naho Gwanboh : ...!?
Lehko Habhoka : On your feet! Now!
Lehko Habhoka : What happened to your spirited words earlierrr? Were they blown away by the wind?
Naho Gwanboh : ...
Naho Gwanboh : I-it's just...I've never seen anything of their like beforrre. Th-they're more than twice the size of Antica...
Lehko Habhoka : You're in a forrreign land, fighting on a foreign battlefield against foreign foes. Get used to it.
Lehko Habhoka : Listen up, and listen well. You will live only as long as you so desirrre.
Lehko Habhoka : Your rifle's firing mechanism may fail, and your blade arm may tire. But if you cease to fight, you will surely perrrish. On the battlefield, this is the only truth.
Naho Gwanboh : ...
Romaa Mihgo : The Cobras are going in for a second charrrge. We're counting on cover fire from your Cheetahs, Naho!
Naho Gwanboh : ...Un-understood.

Sauromugue Champaign (S) Part 2

Part 2 in the Sauromugue Champaign [S].

??? : Doron-Fulun, if I may ponder,
what is the commotion over yonder?
Doron-Fulun : It appears to be a battle. The Mithran Mercenaries are engaged with...a large beastman force primarily composed of Quadav Shieldwarriors.
??? : ...Of all the nerve!
Doron-Fulun : Huh...?
??? : If ever there was something that truly makes me mad...
??? : It's being left out of the action while fun is being had!

Lehko Habhoka : Maintain composure, my brave soldiers!
Lehko Habhoka : After their next charge is repelled, we withdrrraw! Retreat west as fast as your feet will carry you!
Lehko Habhoka : ...Magic?
Where did that come from?
Tihl Midurhi : West...it came from the west, sir!
Lehko Habhoka : One of our own!?
The use of magic in this operation was exprrressly forbidden!
??? : Without my intervention, such things would've gone from worse to worst.
Surely, I'm undeserving of such an ungrateful outburst?
Tihl Midurhi : C-could that trrruly be...
Tihl Midurhi : ...P-Professor Shantotto!?
Shantotto : but I'm a compassionate woman with forgiveness in my heart.
So I shall excuse this show of disrespect on your part.
Shantotto : O~hohohohoho!

Lehko Habhoka : Am I correct in assuming you to be Professor Shantotto, Minister of the Orastery?
Shantotto : Actually, it's "former" Minister, if we were to be exact.
Apart from that minor detail, though, your assumption is quite intact.
Lehko Habhoka : And your companion is...?
Doron-Fulun : I am Doron-Fulun, Master Caster of the Leonian War Warlocks.
Shantotto : Of our two identities, you've now been made aware.
So care you to return the favor, and your name with us share?
Lehko Habhoka : I beg your parrrdon, Professor. I am Lehko Habhoka, newly appointed advisor to Warlock Warlord Robel-Akbel. It is a pleasurrre to make your acquaintance.
Shantotto : Has the Federation suffered a migration of talent in my brief absence...
Shantotto : To have to forgo its dignity and let mercenaries plan its defense?
Lehko Habhoka : If I could once more be forgiven for my insolence, I'd like to point out that your unexpected interrrvention has completely derailed the diversionary operation.
Lehko Habhoka : And if my memory serves me correctly, you were sentenced to exile and stripped of all military authority?
Shantotto : That I still have authority, is a sincere misunderstanding.
I'm but a simple civilian forced by the Master Caster to do his bidding.
Doron-Fulun : Wh-wh-what!?
But, M-Minister, I did no such thing!
Doron-Fulun : First of all, it was you who coerced us all into coming here!
Doron-Fulun : The Warlock Warlord will show no mercy should this misappropriation of the Leonian War Warlocks reach his ears! I-I'll never be able to set foot in Windurst ever again!
Shantotto : Doron-Fulun, why be troubled by a future that may not even happen,
when my displeasure towards your poor attitude is growing and ever present?
Doron-Fulun : Ulp!
Shantotto : Now, let us return to the business at hand.
Did you truly think to succeed with your tiptoeing plan?
Shantotto : Your strategy is reminiscent of a pitiable litter of kittens,
at the mercy of a ferocious pack of wolves, that for days have not eaten.
Lehko Habhoka : What did you say?
Shantotto : The Warlord Warlock, Goddess bless his bandaged face,
is in dire need of a personnel department to have his people replaced.
Lehko Habhoka : Your beauteous countenance and venomous disposition farrr exceed your reputation, Professor Shantotto.
Doron-Fulun : (Oh geez, oh geez, here we go...)

The Gigas fire explosives at the group...

Lehko Habhoka : !?
Lehko Habhoka : It appears your fireworks has attrrracted more guests.
Shantotto : In diversionary operations, "the more the merrier" rings true.
Keep your two eyes peeled and you might learn a thing or two.
Lehko Habhoka : Hmm... Under the circumstance, I suppose we have no choice but to extend our havoc-wrrreaking.
Lehko Habhoka : Most respected Professor Shantotto, would I be naive to assume you'll take rrresponsibility and clean up this mess before us?
Shantotto : My young inexperienced tactician, you're clearly not yet aware,
of the true nature of this black mage beyond the pretty face and perfectly groomed hair.
Doron-Fulun : Minister, an additional enemy unit approaches!
Doron-Fulun : Uwaaah!
Shantotto : Ohohohohoho! You can hurl those all you like!
But there is not a bleeding chance this Taru you will strike!
Lehko Habhoka : I thank you, Professor.
Shantotto : Before I deign to roll up my sleeves one thing must be made clear.
For every time I save your hide a debt is incurred, you hear?
Lehko Habhoka : ...All units, the withdrawal command is canceled!
Lehko Habhoka : We hold our position for a while longerrr!
Romaa Mihgo : Hmm, I'm also of the opinion that we should continue fighting.
Romaa Mihgo : A too-early retreat may backfirrre and instead boost the enemy's morale--a scenario we want to steer clearrr of.
Shantotto : A unanimous decision, arrived at impressively fast.
Shantotto : Leonian War Warlocks, assume formation and prepare to cast!
Shantotto : Discharge!!!
Shantotto : O~hohohohoho!
Double, double, toil and trouble!
Gigas burn, and Quadav shrivel!

Lehko Habhoka : ...Romaa!
Lehko Habhoka : Inside the fort where we convened is the entrrrance to a mineshaft that continues north for two malms beyond this chasm.
Romaa Mihgo : I remember seeing the entrance, but are you cerrrtain it's still accessible? It looked rather decrrrepit to me.
Lehko Habhoka : I confirrrmed it with my own eyes prior to the operation. There is always a small chance of a cave-in, but the support beams are still securrrely in place.
Lehko Habhoka : Here is our problem. The enemy, too, has become aware of the mineshaft and its potential use.
Lehko Habhoka : They have begun evacuating their belfries as well as their rrremaining troops there.
Lehko Habhoka : If they are permitted to regroup, the tables will be turned against us. I need your unit to prrrevent that from happening.
Romaa Mihgo : Underrrstood.
Lehko Habhoka : And PLAYERNAME, I have a favorrr to ask of you.
Lehko Habhoka : Take this signal firecracker with you to the mineshaft entrance.
Lehko Habhoka : I want you to set it off just before you enterrr.
Lehko Habhoka : The sound will be the signal for the rest of us to move in.
Lehko Habhoka : Should the firecracker misfire for any rrreason, stay calm. Mham Lahrih nearby will supply you with a sparrre.
Romaa Mihgo : Anything else we need to know?
Lehko Habhoka : That is all. I'm counting on you.
Romaa Mihgo : You're counting on the right person!
Come on girrrls, PLAYERNAME. We're going to flush some beastman scum out of the mineshaft!

Sauromugue Champaign (S) Part 3

Part 3 in the Sauromugue Champaign [S].

Shantotto : What did you hope to achieve with a stylishly late entrance?
The enemy have long disappeared with the exception of a few remnants!
Lehko Habhoka : We've been working hard behind the scenes, Professor Shantotto.
Lehko Habhoka : The Cobra Unit played a most vital role, thrwarrrting the enemy's attempt to regroup.
Shantotto : Ohoho. The Cobra's fangs struck swift and deep, of that I'm well aware.
And so I offer my heartfelt praise. After all, it's only fair.
Romaa Mihgo : Hehehe.
Lehko Habhoka : Well done, Cobras. With your tireless effort and unwavering coverrrage, we have successfully beaten the beastman force back in confusion.
Lehko Habhoka : But, there is not yet time to rrrevel in this victory. Given enough time, the enemy are certain to return in force.
Lehko Habhoka : Those who are able to walk, assist the wounded. Our prrriority now is to vacate this battlefield.
Lehko Habhoka : We return to Windurst!
Lehko Habhoka : Professor Shantotto, if you could excuse my indiscretion, what are your plans hence?
Lehko Habhoka : Having witnessed you in battle this day, I have come to the conclusion that the rrrumors of your power sorely fail to do you justice.
Lehko Habhoka : Your presence at the capital would be equivalent to a thousand soldierrrs.
Lehko Habhoka : Is it not the perrrfect occasion for you to finally return to Windurst? You needn't be concerned with the Warlock Warlod--no one is in a better position than I to perrrsuade him.
Shantotto : Are you truly a military strategist, or just here for a lark?
Your estimate of a thousand soldiers is a whole digit below the mark!
Romaa Mihgo : You, Professor, are confidence incarrrnate...
Shantotto : Gracious is your offer,
but I fear I must defer.
Lehko Habhoka : That is most unfortuate...
Shantotto : There are still unsettled matters to which I must attend.
For the foreseeable future, to other my time I cannot lend.
Shantotto : Besides, I have utter confidence that the capital will not come to harm.
So long as it remains in the steadfast embrace of the Warlock Warlord's stumpy arms.
Lehko Habhoka : ...!
Shantotto : And you, sir, your charisma and prowess as commander leaves nothing to be desired.
Your decisiveness in sending troops to their deaths would be, by many, admired.
Lehko Habhoka : ...
Shantotto : But you should know I have the honor of being one of the few,
who are resistant--immune, even--to your charms and warped point of view.
Lehko Habhoka : I'm genuinely sorry to hearrr that...
Lehko Habhoka : Forgive me, ladies, for keeping you waiting. Let us now depart.
Shantotto : Not even with a single head of wild onion,
I'd trust the Warlock Warlord and his feline companion.
Doron-Fulun : But, Minister, you were praising them so lavishly but a moment ago...
Shantotto : Well-meaning but thickheaded...
Moreover, spineless and chicken-hearted...
Doron-Fulun : I-I beg your pardon, Minister...
Shantotto : Doron-Fulun, you flatter yourself-the person to whom I refer...
Shantotto : Is the Warlock Warlord I had known in youth, the Robel-Akbel I remember!
Doron-Fulun : Huh...?

End scene: Windurst Waters (S)

Dhea Prandoleh: PLAYERNAME! It's grrreat to have ya back!
Dhea Prandoleh: Hey, boss! Look who's here!
Romaa Mihgo: So our globetrotting prrrodigal hero has finally decided to show his face...
Tihl Midurhi: Aw, was that sarrrcastic tone of voice necessary, boss? Welcome back, PLAYERNAME!
Mihl Pakorhma: (The boss may seem unfrrrriendly right now, but she's actually been in great spirits. Thanks to you, of course!)
Romaa Mihgo: Hey, I was just teasing! Even I'm allowed to engage in light-hearrrted joshing from time to time, you know.
Romaa Mihgo: Thanks to your contrrribution, our operation to secure safe passage to Jeuno for the Cancerian and Geminan War Warlocks was a success.
Mihl Pakorhma: Hey, look! The Cheetah Volunteers are here, too!
Romaa Mihgo: Naho, the Cheetahs perrrrformed most gallantly.
Romaa Mihgo: Lehko's mentioned his intent to have our two units continue working cooperrratively. I'm very much looking forward to our next mission togetherrr.
Naho Gwanboh: Don't rrremind me! I've had more than a gutful!
Romaa Mihgo: Oh, and PLAYERNAME. This is for you.
Romaa Mihgo: It's your hard-earned rewarrrd for your part in the operation, compliments of the Warlock Warlord himself! He's cerrrtainly taken a liking to you, PLAYERNAME.
In Heavens Tower...
Robel-Akbel: That was a rather close call.
Lehko Habhoka: I offerrr no excuses. My plan failed to take into account the possibility of a large unit of Gigas.
Robel-Akbel: It's very uncharacteristic of you to overlook such things. At this stage, we mustn't allow any more surprises to catch us off guard.
Lehko Habhoka: With that, I can wholehearrrtedly agree. And another issue requiring our attention--
Robel-Akbel: Shantotto, am I right? Only with great difficulty will we be able to manipulate such a potent playing piece.
Robel-Akbel: Leave her be for now. Her presence without serves to draw away the enemy's attention and can be considered a boon.
Lehko Habhoka: Hmm... You have the rrright of it.
Robel-Akbel: Each step towards the decisive battle must be taken with ever increasing vigilance. Above all, our pawn must be given time to achieve full maturity.
Robel-Akbel: Be it a knight, a rook, or a bishop...
Lehko Habhoka: ...Or perhaps, even queen?
Lehko Habhoka: But, no matter what piece, the opponent, too, is in possession of the same...
On Saramugue Champaign
Shikaree G: ... Number 42, Tihyu Borajah. Cause of death... blood loss from severed artery, from an arrow taken in the thigh. Number 43, Kopih Malawayah. Died instantly from massive head trauma inflicted by a blunt instrument. Number 45...
Shikaree G: ...Subject unidentifiable. Cause of death... unknown.
Shikaree G: How much Mithran blood do you intend to spill...
Shikaree G: How much, until your thirrrst is quenched... Lehko Habhoka!?
Back in Heavens Tower...
Lehko Habhoka: See with your eyes, and listen with your earrrs, my fellow Mithra...
Lehko Habhoka: Witness for yourself what one loathed "sinner" will accomplish in this tumultuous age.

Final Fantasy XI

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